Post game vomitorium. UTA 127, GSW 108, but not remotely that close.

Instead of discussing the game, how about this great Klay 37 video?

Forget the game, watch this instead

Oh, do we really have to discuss the game?

Here’s the math.

  • UTA played their A game. GSW played their C game. = minus 20 points

  • Bad travel, arriving 2am = minus 10 points

  • Altitude issues, esp for COVID victims = minus 10 points

  • Garbage time unit going nuts = +20

TOTAL = ~ 20 point loss

In-Game Notes

  • Utah has found the range from the right corner.

  • Utah just hitting everything. Literally.

  • If GSW can keep this to a double digit lead, they’ll have a chance. wink

  • Wiseman fighting with Gobert on the boards, I like it

  • GSW force feeding Oubre for open 3s. Well.

  • Haha ref waiting for a third Jazzman to knock Steph down before the whistle?

  • Steph goes off his self-imposed shot diet and starts hunting his shot. Wiseman with a surprising post move on Gobert.

  • Nice controlled play from Oubre to bail out to Wiseman. Smooth jumper. Last starting C for GSW who could hit jumpers? I don’t count DeMarcus.

  • Definitely David West, but not a starter

  • I don’t count Dray as a reliable J... What about before Dray?

  • Yes Anthony Randolph in summer league. Was he really the C though??

  • There’s a whole subplot here with Wiggins and Bogdanovic beating the crap out of each other

  • That was smooooth. Wiggs to Steph into a double pindown, Steph splits the defenders, kicks to Wiggins 3

  • Tbh GSW has played well. UTA is just hitting some amazing shots. I don’t know if GSW can maintain this

  • Steph 2 for 1, favorite time of the year?

  • The old Klay curl end of Q play? I CALLED IT. Except Steph coughed it up.

  • Part of the slow starts is that Steph refuses to shoot until everyone, especially Kelly and Andrew, get going. Which is sometimes never. Finally Steph starts hunting his shot after 5 min.

  • I think it helps that Oubre works hard on D, and his tunnel vision is probably his limitation not his lack of will

  • 2-3 zone to start Q2

  • That was the ideal Paschall small 5 drive on Gobert. Caught him by the elbow, kept him off balance, used his strength, did everything but finish the layup.

  • Paschall’s FG% from 18’ must be twice as good as his FG% from 19’

  • He is getting there, but if Gobert is on balance, Paschall can’t finish

  • GSW trying a daring strategy of having Paschall attack Gobert. Probably worth finding out if it works.

  • Subplot of Oubre wanting the challenge of guarding Donovan. Let’s see if that activates Kelly.

  • Well it will have to activate him on the bench.

  • That HORNS set flowing into the double pindown. I like it.

  • Oh come on. That looked very floppy, that “foul” on Paschall

  • I do see some good signs for the offensive growth. It looks to me that they’re getting better at a particularly Kerr read. You have three players in a line on the wing. The low man either curls to take a staggered screen or they read the D and cut to the basket. This automatically triggers the second man to take the pindown. I think I’ve seen that’s starting to work.

  • Haha Steph misses a rotation, gives up a corner 3, comes down, GSW messes up timing of the ambush PNR and Steph says, yolo and fires a long 3 in

  • %$)#&%. Donovan ends up in the stands, Oubre sulks instead of pushing it, Dray claps to get ball in fast (to attack 5 v 4), then Oubre doesn’t hustle back. I have much tolerance for missing shots, but that is FRUSTRATING

  • Wiseman has bouncy hands. And not in a good way.

  • Dubs keeping it a double digit lead, WE’RE STILL IN THIS MATHEMATICALLY

  • There are more than 50 games left in the season!

  • The bench helped make a big push in those.

  • 50% experimenting with the limits of smallball, 50% performance art

  • GSW gave up a 14-0 start. Then played I think very well to get it within 5. Then bench coughed up more damage. Then disjointed play and ill humours led to collapse at end of Q2.

  • Oubre not backing down from the challenge of guarding Mitchell. But not slowing him down either. If was a closer game, maybe try Wiggins on him. But for emotional management, I guess stick with Oubre.

  • Good sign that Wiseman has been able to occasionally score against Gobert in the post

  • Wiseman slow on the corner rotation. I’ve also seen Oubre and Steph slow to that. Might have to focus on that in practice.

  • Had to step out for a while for family reasons, not nausea. But not sure I have the energy to sift through garbage time for future silver linings

  • Okay I take it back, Nico hit a pull up 3. Garbage time good.

  • Eh Wiseman kept the ball in the post on a Nico-Poole split cut. Bad garbage time manners. Look for the cutters first. Then try some crazy ass play.

  • That was good manners. Mulder had a semi open 3, skip pass to Nico. Instead of hoisting, Nico drives and kicks back to Mulder for the same semi open 3. Score. Inefficient but good manners.

  • Have I mentioned I have irrationally good feeling about Nico?


  • If Nico can get reliable on his three pointer, I think that will be the difference between sticking in the league or not. It will give him so much more space to drive.

  • Deep bench squad coming through to hide the fact this would have been a 50 point loss if UTA tried at all in H2.

  • The good thing is the NBA doesn’t do aggregate points. A loss by 50, 20 or 1 all counts the same.