I didn’t think it was possible, but somehow, someway, Atlanta figured out how NOT to focaccia up being up 3 on the Thunder with 3s left.

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Another day, another Pacers beatdown of the Bucks, who can’t seem to defend their way out of a paper bag.

139-122 Pacers — 2 minutes away from a 4-0 season sweep.

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JKs development post: He’s gone out of his way in games to look for Steph and Klay while remaining aggressive in his opportunities when the defense plays him that way. Good job JK. Still got ways to go but there’s no doubt he’s been adding to his game and feeling more comfortable in our system in the past month.

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Any concern with JK's dipping three point shooting. It's at 28.4% this season with increased attempts. Should he step in to shoot the long 2s like Wiggins?

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Even by the lowest possible standards we might have had for him, Jordan Poole has really been a shockingly losing player this season. In a decent-sized sample of minutes (909 on court, 628 off) the Wiz have basically been an average .500 team with him on the bench (+0.1 pts per 100), and the worst team in NBA history with him on the floor (-15.6).

And … more of the same tonight (-22 in his 23 minutes).

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The Athletic guys do a killer postgame podcast on +/-. Lots of fleshing out about how important Klay’s postgame statement could be.

In essence, if Steve Can usher the Killer Klay era into the HOF vet Klay eta, that would be a huge value to the team.

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Did anyone notice in the second half last night Orlando brought a two man game on the right side trying to get both GS rookies involved defensively TJD put himself in great position and Podz tipped the ball leading to a turnover.

Orlando thought they could pick on our rookies!!??!! Ha!

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The Nets have no intention of trading Mikal Bridges, per @wojespn. Brooklyn wants to continue to add talent around Bridges as a foundational piece to their roster.


Also, it looks like Thunder is not interested in acquiring star-level talent in their roster.

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Substack doing some bad things. I love DNHQ and am just posting this because it's one of those things where, when you know it, you have to spread the awareness:


(Ironically, Daily Kos is Vox Media which is responsible for SB Nation, which, well, you know the rest...)

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Several more weeks out for GP2...... hamstring strain.

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The more I watch that Nurkic situation the more annoyed I get at Draymond. I still have no idea why he did that and I'm not buying the "he was trying to sell the call and free himself up"

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Can someone explain why the dubs would trade Moody?

What are they missing this year? A point forward (aka draymond), or is there some other gaping hole that everyone sees that can be filled by trading him?

I really saw moody as part of a solid future, along with our other young guys.

Maybe I’m wringing my hands for no reason :(

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[NBA University] Most PPG on movement shooting off screens:

1. Klay: 5.5 PPG—51.7 EFG%

1.. Steph: 5.5—73.9%

3. Lauri: 3.5—50.0%

4. PG: 2.4—55.0%

5. KD: 2.3—50.0%

6. Kispert: 2.2—61.0%

7. Bogdan: 2.14—44.9%

8. Ingram: 2.12—57.1%

9. Edwards 2.11—63.5%

10. Simons: 2.1—76.7%

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Steaming hot take incoming: The 2021, long considered one of the deepest drafts in years with top end talent (akin to 2003), is a worst draft than the 2020 and 2022 drafts. I say that because Franz Wagner is arguably the best player from 2021. Very good player but id argue that Paolo, Jabari, and Chet are more franchise altering type players and 2021 does not have neither the depth of 2020 or Ant/Tyrese

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Wonder if Steve's message to Klay will actually stick or if this is only a few games sort of deal. There is a version of Klay that can still be very helpful to this team if he buys into that role. Once that's taken care of then we just have to turn our attention to Draymond and JK. I think those are the last two that has to be all in FOR THE TEAM, right? JK seems to be on his way in that regard. Am I missing anybody? Are there other personal agendas/distractions that I don't know about?

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