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I was curious regarding our payroll vs. other teams. Specifically, I wanted to see what percent of a team's payroll is dedicated to each player. I created some pie charts for the top 4 teams in each conference plus BKN and LAL.

https://bit.ly/3ISWHEh (anonymous google sheets)

Most teams have at least two big pie slices that account for 40%+ of total salary. PHI has the biggest pairing with Harden and Harris accounting for 49.7% of the team's payroll -- Steph and Klay account for 47%.

MEM and DAL are notable for not have "big" slices. They have a bunch of "medium+" slices and their stars (Ja and Luka) account for only ~9% of their respective team's payroll.

The Dubs are similar to MIA, PHI, and BKN in that our top 4 salaries account for about 3/4ths of the pie.

Oh and none of this accounts for the luxury tax... it's just the salary paid to players.

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They keep showing Lakers games on TV, in spite of their losing streak. Tonight Lakers game was on TNT instead of the Bucks-Philly game. Lol!

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Lakers remaining schedule:

3/31- @ Jazz

4/1- vs. Pelicans

4/3- vs. Nuggets

4/5- @ Suns

4/7- @ Warriors

4/8- vs. Thunder

4/10- @ Nuggets

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Jazz remaining schedule:

3/31- vs. Lakers

4/2- @ Warriors

4/5- vs. Grizzlies

4/6- vs. Thunder

4/8- vs. Suns

4/10- @ Blazers

Nuggets remaining schedule:

3/30- @ Pacers

4/1- vs. Timberwolves

4/3- @ Lakers

4/5- vs. Spurs

4/7- vs. Grizzlies

4/10- vs. Lakers

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I will definitely take that 4th seed and the Jazz (but not the Nuggies) first round.

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Jazz's next game is at home against the struggling Lakers. After that, they face the Warriors.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but I think the Warriors have a chance at beating Utah this Saturday. The Jazz may be a tough team, but they've been struggling lately.

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Clippers beat the Jazz 121-115. Jazz has now lost five games in a row in their road trip and are 45-31 and tied with the Nuggets.

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Thank you Clips for giving us one more game separation margin

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The Clippers have a legit damn team with everybody back healthy. Overstocked with talented playmaking wings combined with shooters and 2 legit big men. They have the personnel to counter a lot of lineups that the league has to offer. If they don't naturally Clipper it up next year they're poised to finally meet Larry

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Utah's having trouble with the Clippers right now despite shooting over 55%.

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Side note: I’m amazed at the shit talking the Grizzlies are doing right now, acting like they won something already.

Dillon Brooks throwing shade at Dre and talking about how they’re building a dynasty…

Motherfucker you haven’t won a playoff series yet, sit down and shut your ass up

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GSW should learn from SCW. (Mentality)

They stay alive in playoff race.


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tweet has net rating over each quarter of the season (by days, not games) for each team; for the Dubs:

Q1: +13.6

Q2: +3.2

Q3: +3.4

Q4: -1(!)


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Is Iggy healthy enough to play some minutes? Haven't seen anything on why he couldn't sit down during the post game

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