They did it again. The undisputed BACK TO BACK champs! A true dynasty in the Southwest.

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You ever find that there are two DNHQ posts going on at the same time, for example this postgame one as well as Eric's morning Explain One Play, and you're not sure where the current discussion is really going on, so you go hang out in the wrong one and all of a sudden you find out that you're the only one there? That's how Dallas felt when they were on the wrong end of the court.

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Mar 23·edited Mar 23

My favorite thing about last night's game was that it confirmed something I've long suspected:

If you post links to yodel reggae, you win.


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Austin Reaves in the last 4 games: 53 free throw attempts

Davion Mitchell on the season (72 games): 28 free throw attempts

(Not sure if this more an indictment of the stupid refs, Adam Silver’s obvious attempt to get the stupid Lakers in the playoffs, the league’s perennial dissing of the Kings, or Mitchell’s bizarre passiveness when it comes to scoring and rebounding … I guess all of the above?)

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High probability of winning Wolves and OKC and tie breakers against them- at home, GP2 back (and hopefully) Dray continuing to play dominant D when it matters

Those two wins will seal 6th seed or better. Even if we don't win these games, we can still get tie -breakers:

- 2:2 head to head record vs either team. So it's a wash.

- OKC and MIN will not be divisional leaders (DEN clinched it) and neither would Dubs (SAC will have it). So it's a wash

- Division W-L % for teams in same division - not applicable since Dubs are in different division

- Conference W-L%: Currently Dubs and MIN 25-20 and OKC 22-23. OKC is not gonna catch up and we have easier schedule than both teams

- Last three rules get bit murky (record against playoff teams - same conf, .... - different conf and net points (currently OKC > GS > MIN)

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JK was star of the game. But let's call out some other good things:

- Loon clutch FTs - both!!!

- Dray's dominant D (4 blocks, 4 steals)

- Poole with zero TOV and only one ill-dvised 3

- Steph's 13 assists

- Moody solid 6 min (+4)

- 6 players in double digits

- Klay taking only one quick transition 3 (he has earned it?) and timely mid rangers.. Only 9 pts but didn't look like he forced his plays

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So, part of Dallas' complaint about the inbound play seems to be "c'mon, when you notice us confused, you gotta stop and tell us!"

My guess is that the refs think they told them sufficiently. It's quite common practice for players to want the ball inbounded quickly for an advantage, Doncic, Smart, and Jokic have done it to the Warriors in the playoffs. Get ready to play, honestly... I'm 100% sure the league and refs have clear signals to the teams when the time out ends and it's time to get on the floor, and I'm also 100% sure they were used.

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JK is playing amazing and needs to play 20 min in Playoffs. Who loses minutes when GP2 ( let's assume) and Wiggs and they are up to their self by 2nd round? I guess JMG and Lamb.. Play Dray less to save him for latter rounds?

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Luka likes to get to his right hand for drives and passes. And the majority of screens set for him are for this to happen. Going left, it's nearly always a step-back shot. Obviously, he's great and capable of going either way, but the Warriors kept giving drives to the right and it hurt bad. Forcing him left was way better for a successful outcome.

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The Golden State Warriors have the fewest free-throw attempts - opponent free-throw attempts by a team this season, with -392.


30. Warriors: -392

29. Suns: -316

28. Nets: -222

27. Spurs: -204

26. Timberwolves: -177

25. Thunder: -171

24. Pacers: -164

23. Hawks: -97

22. Nuggets: -47

21. Hornets: -36

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The Los Angeles Lakers have the most free-throw attempts - opponent free-throw attempts by a team this season, with 387.


1. Lakers- 387

2. Heat- 184

3. Kings- 179

4. Magic- 152

5. Knicks- 141

6. Bucks- 135

7. Clippers- 110

8. 76ers- 99

9. Rockets- 82

10. Blazers- 64

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As much as Luka's constant bitching at the refs is annoying, A) he's an incredible player and fun to watch and B) there seems to be a mutual respect between him and the Warriors, which makes this matchup much more enjoyable than against Memphis or Phoenix, for example.

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Would you rather be the 6th seed facing the Kings at 3? Or the 4th seed with HCA facing the Suns at 5?

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Most free throw attempts over the last 4 games:

53 — Austin Reaves

51 — Jayson Tatum

50 — Damian Lillard

47 — Jimmy Butler

Reaves is averaging 13.3 attempts per game in that stretch.


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JK back up to .589 TS% on the season. Which is pretty good until you realize it's 8th best (!) on the team. Offense is crazy this year. And some low usage players have been efficient for the Dubs (JMG, Loon, Dray, Wise, Lamb, Ty).

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Do the Dubs have enough salary cap space to sign Jaylon Brown as a UFA in 2024?

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