What it kind of liked like to me, on the turnovers, is that the Rockets' defense was SO BAD at keeping guys covered especially on cuts, that the Dubs players got overexcited about juicy easy buckets and made hasty passes—which the Rockets, especially because they were already out of position, were able to deflect and steal. I don't think it was an intentional strategy and I doubt any other team could replicate it successfully. So that's kind of a fluke.

Otherwise... great Klay game, Steph still nuts, poor point-of-attack defense meant Draymond, Looney, and others had to commit too many fouls. Poole looked concerningly hesitant to shoot looks he was splashing with confidence in the playoffs. Wiggins amazing from 3, but not as good on the glass... hey, we came away with the W, and that's good enough for now.

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Last two games were goods wins but boy is this not sustainable.

If Klay is feeling more like his old self and not just a chucker that will help lots but he wont be on the floor tonight.

Defence needs a lot of work but I do think that will come around more and more when the new bench catches up.

Not worried about the boards so much, we've never been top in the league in Rodmans And I still remember the Cohan erra where we were tops in the league and also the worst team in the league. (When you miss a lot of shots hopefully your rebounding # would go up).

Do we need a trade? Not a panic one for sure and what is really out there for what we, this year are willing to give up?

Someone on the old site used to berate folks for wanting a strong bench but having people that can get you quality min's is vital. This is where older vets come in knowing how to play the game but willing to not have to have a 20 min a night load is key. Our rooks have sky high potential but how do you get that with no playing time?

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#1NetRTG 5-man lineup with Minutes >= 100

S. Curry - K. Thompson - D. Green - A. Wiggins - K. Looney

#1 NetRtg = 27.0!!!!;



Just need to fix the bench and we be champs again

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In Kerr I trust. But I wish someone knew a way to get Kuminga to give his current best in whatever minutes he gets. He plays aggressive and his current max self when he is a starter/the alpha and plays good and bad mix when he is a role player.

Dray mentioned this about himself at the beginnng and I saw GP2 go through the same in early part of last season - MJax and Kerr respectively will put those guys in for one defensive possession and they gave it their best. And slowly earned minutes.

May be the difference is that he is 6th seed vs being drafted at 38th seed or going undrafted.

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Mixed emotions. Finally got that road win against the worst team in the league! Great Klay games usually lead to starters resting the 4th. Steph started slow and came through when needed because he’s that good. Klay will be just fine. The Warriors can definitely win a championship with those two and Dray and Looney and Wiggs.

It looks like that’s the best version of JMG good cutting and screening, 3 dunks! But his d is so so bad I had to make a rage log in my phone notes during the game. The announcers even threw Wiggins under the bus when JMG wandered away from his assignment in the corner to the side of the key and it turned into a wide open 3 and that came after he did literally nothing to prevent 3 straight layups starting at the 1:55 mark in the 1st. That guy is a problem for the Warriors. Everyone else’s screwups were from communication or bad positioning or bounces, he just doesn’t try on D.

Kuminga and Moody need more run. This team has potential to be really fun! But they could also torture us easily by making devastating lineup choices.

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Nov 21, 2022Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Tomorrow will be tough, but a win gets the Dubs to .500. And that's always the first goal. And it'll likely be a Poole start. So maybe we get a big JP game. Baby steps for all.

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Mac McClung Yesterday. Just what our bench needs to jump-start the young uns THIS season, till they improve/prove they are better than him.

McClung registered 44 points (13-21 FG, 4-8 3Pt, 8-9 FT), seven assists, six rebounds and one block in 37 minutes during Friday's 141-129 win over Raptors 905.

McClung exploded for season highs in made field goals, made threes and points while recording at least five assists and five rebounds for a second straight game. Across five appearances, the 23-year-old has averaged 20.4 points, 4.6 rebounds and 6.2 assists in 32.3 minutes per game.

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Hello All: just joined. Love the focussed discussion as compared to the tension of twittler.

Couple of recurring themes I have noticed in the first 15 or so games

1. Pooles lobs to big guys for dunks seem off - they never seem to get the dunk. He appears to be lacking something in his upstairs since it cannot be his physical game since he is one of the hardest workers - Does he need a punch from the left side to correct??

2. Our finishing at the rim seems to be a team wide problem - Wiggs missed two dunks today and optics from earlier games seems consistent with that!

3. As ya'll are noting, our defense stinks and rebounding is too:-) Is this just hangover. DRAY not= DPOY

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Nov 21, 2022·edited Nov 21, 2022

Imagine thinking Klay is no longer capable of this lmao.

He'll get into long & frustrating slumps sometimes but there's a reason why he'll be the 2nd best shooter of all time when it's all said and done.

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Nov 21, 2022Liked by Eric Apricot


Klay admits he let trolls get to him, and says he had a revelation to just be himself and real Warriors fans will keep riding with him

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Checking out some box scores around the league and Dillon Brooks put up 31 points on 30 shots.

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Good road win but wtf do you expect out of a poole donte lamb kuminga looney lineup? That 3 minute stretch of a bullshit lineup is the difference between a 30 point blowout where the starters barely play 30 minutes and our young guys get 10+ minutes of good developmental minutes.

Instead we get JK standing in the corner for six minutes, not one post split action ran, curry has to play 37 on the front end of a back to back and moody only gets 4 minutes.

How hard is it to sub in moody and lamb for klay green to put shooting next to curry and looney then play poole donte klay kuminga green in the 2nd for a 2nd unit with spacing and defense?

We are asking poole to score in a lineup that only curry could drag to league average then ask ourselves why he looks so much better with the starters

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Any win is a good win, but before I got too excited, I double-checked. Our recent three wins to build some momentum came against the Spurs, Knicks and Houston who are a combined 17-34 and to my mind, if you combined ALL their players and formed an all-star lineup, we should still beat them. I think the only all-star is Julius Randle and that was dubious. Him and Brunson would start with I guess Kevin Porter in there, but seriously. Our Big Four are better than anyone on all three of those teams. That's kinda cray.

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My favorite moment in this game was when Klay hit his 10th 3 and they showed Lamb putting his hands up with a WTF is this guy a robot expression. It’s about time the younguns and us fans are reminded of what the great Klay Thompson is capable of.

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To quote (I think) Sleepy,

73-9, here we come.

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