I slagged on Poole's errors plenty in the game thread, but I backed myself into a corner in my answer (https://dubnationhq.com/p/explain-stephen-currys-big-block/comment/13548970) to Asher's A-F Poole-poll. In effect I said I'd like to see Poole traded for a better fit/value, but also that the Dubs won't be able to because he's too costly/not good enough to net that value. Poole is a Dub for the foreseeable future.

So a reckoning is needed, and I'd better find a way stop whining and appreciate what we have: a hard-working, exciting, highly skilled offensive player who is not a constant foul-baiter or cheater, who at his best is a fun passer as well as eye-popping shooter. He is young enough to learn: he will improve at dealing with the kind of defensive attention his performance last year attracted. I'm sure he has enough pride to want to stay out of the bottom of the Assist:TO ratios in the league. He is surrounded by coaches and teammates whose emphasis on defense is responsible for multiple championships, and there are youngsters like JK and even Moody getting minutes on their fealty to those principles. That's got to penetrate over time, especially if the team provides the right incentives (e.g. more playing time to a healthy Rollins, who makes an effort and looks to have potential there).

So I'll count my blessings as a fan, hope the coaches can find the right levers, and that the Dubs turn Poole into the player he could become, while meanwhile picking his minutes and lineups to maximize the value he brings while minimizing the harm his current play style inflicts.

Making my peace with Poole will increase my enjoyment of the games. I don't promise to never-ever kvetch about him again; just less. Anyway:

Go Poole, Go Dubs!

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This game on Wednesday is huge... winner gets a game up in the standings and wins head-to-head tie breaker for the season. In next 7 games, 3 are against our direct "5/6 seed competitors". @Clippers, @Dallas, and Minny. Win 2/3 of those and we're in great position to be out of the play in. lose 2/3 and we're probably in bad position... especially if the Lakers keep winning.

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Is there anyone still suggesting to start Poole over Klay or has that died out?

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JP mostly played a fine game yesterday. He did a good job of getting the ball to the Splash Bros early on and getting the F**K out of the way. I just need him to stop having those airhead moments on defense where he relaxes for a second and loses his man. It forces everyone to rotate for no good reason and jeopardizes our defense EVERY TIME.

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Klay only, Ho hum, averaging the most PPG in his career. Nothing to see here folks

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At warriors current road/home splits, we are expected to go 6-7 overall, (4-1 at home and 2-6 on the road). I think we should go 8-5 overall to at least secure 6th seed (0.615 winning percentage).

I think only the Wolves tiebreaker is must-win.

Hopefully the below isn’t too optimistic. If we can do this, accounting for tiebreakers Wolves have to go 9-4, Dallas 10-3, Lakers 11-3 , Pels 12-2 to push us into the play-ins. If we go 7-6, the Wolves only have to go 8-5 to push us into the play-ins.

@ Clippers - L

@ Atlanta - W

@ Memphis - L (SEGABABA)

@ Rockets - W

@ Dallas - L

Philadelphia - W

Minnesota - W

New Orleans - W

San Antonio - W

@ Denver - L

Oklahoma City - L

@ Sacramento - W (hopefully resting)

@ Portland - W (hopefully they’re seriously tanking)

To overtake Suns for home court, we have to go 10-3, Suns go 8-6 (Suns have tiebreaker over us, and TBH I think they go 9-5, or 0.643, which requires losses against MIL, PHI, Min, Den, LAC)

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Clips-hawks-grizz-rockets-mavs... I'm thinking WWLWL? Or LWLWW? Just gotta be 3 and 2 and at Memphis on a segababa feels like a scheduled loss so we only get one more...

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Mar 14·edited Mar 14

Suns have second most toughest schedule in the west conf. Clippers and Warriors are 10th and 11th respectively.

If we can go . 500 on the road and stay near perfect at home in the rest of the games, we will leapfrog Suns in standings easily.

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Klay and Steph did postgame together. Reporter asked Steph "What about you feels the most 35 years old?" Klay stuck in: "The vertical."

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Mar 14Liked by Eric Apricot

Also official EA request -- can E1P be Iguodala focused?? This the best game I remember from him since his return to the bay. And of course the reverse dunk!!

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Poole with some clutch scoring in the 4th. He needed a game like this.

Loving the rotations. God did JMG and Iggy look good out there...

oh yeah and a vintage Splash Bros game is always the best. If you’re ever going to make it for a regular season Dubs game, one like this one would be the best kind.

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I spent a lot of the second half cursing Poole, then by the end realize he had a decent game. I wish he could continue the good things without the egregiously bad. Is that possible?

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Are the Warriors and Grizzlies rivals?

Steph Curry: "I don't want to be short, but ... no."


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Can I haz more Steph-Klay duo presser 😃? And Klay, never change.

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The backcourt of GP2 and DDV will terrorize ball handlers soon. I have a feeling our defense will look completely different a month from now.

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Steph is still hopeful about being whole in Playoffs (mentioned so on Dubs Talk podcast).

So it is not a foregone conclusion as of now that Wiggs won't be back. But if he doesn't, he doesn't.

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