Post Game Party Thread: JTA, Looney turn the tide

Sixers start off red hot, but can't hang with Warriors relentless bench

Down 19 in 1st half, things were not looking so good for the Golden State Warriors. The Philadelphia 76ers had launched into the game with one of those quarters - they shot over 60% as a team in the first quarter!

But as they do, Golden State absolutely hammered the Sixers on both ends in the second half. After giving up 34 points in the first quarter, the Warriors tightened the ratchets in the 2nd half, holding their opponent to just 35 points in the entire second half.

Tonight though, it was the deep end of the Warriors bench, as much as anything, that came to the rescue.

That second half was incredible to witness - though to be honest, most of the comeback happened while I was tied up in a call on some exciting DNHQ business that you’ll all hear about soon(ish).

I’m sure there’s going to be a ton of coverage on this second half, and we like to keep these post game party threads short, so I’ll just feature a couple of the more memorable moments.

Kevon Looney was huge in the second half. He takes a lot of online criticism but the coaching staff trusts him because of plays just like this.

He doesn’t do much, but it’s like the swordsman in a kung-fu movie that keeps his blade sheathed all movie, until he finally cuts the boss in half with it at the end.

This is not the same play. But in a way, it kind of is.

I can’t find it right now, but there’s another Looney highlight that I have to find. He pulled one of the cleanest hop step moves I’ve seen - not just for Looney, it was legit.

But Juan Toscano-Anderson deserves a ton of praise for the win tonight. He was all over the court, putting back shots, cutting, and playing that deliciously stinky two-way game that he’s known for.

Wowza. What a game.

As always, this is just a short little thread so the community can gather, we will be back with our full game coverage of this one tomorrow, and I cannot wait!