Really enjoyed that game. Wiggins played hard. His hustle and D was crucial to the win. EP is coming back strong, after a little lull, and Damien Lee can play in this league. Maybe even in our rotation. Hoping Loon gets his health in check and can be his normal self next year.

I do miss the Geech, but he definitely needs seasoning.

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Can we give Paschall A better nickname .... currently watching monster truck with my nephew and Grave digger sounds fun 😃

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Please don't bring Steph back against Raptors. They injured all our players. Klay, KD, Looney. I hope them responsible for klay and Looney's injuries

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This reminds me of the post-We Believe era when GSW scored 48 first quarter points vs. Portland and failed to score 100 in a loss. The only difference is GSW won today.

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Man, Stefano's post below is amazing. Glad I came back this morning after such an inspirational win and was able to get even more inspiration from his words. Well done.

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I'm not sure if I'm just missing it, but the ability to edit your posts would be much appreciated.

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Out of topic, it's all quiet at the old GSOM after an exciting win. Hope Brady is alright. I'm sure many fans here still care.

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I suspect that the Warriors are looking at blacktop courts these days to see if there is somebody they want to take a look at on a 10 day contract. They had no business taking down any actual NBA team with those 8 guys, even given that the Suns have problems of their own. I hesitate to call it a breakout game for Paschall as from the highlights it appeared that no player on the Suns team wanted to risk an injury by getting in his way.

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Mar 1, 2020Liked by Eric Apricot, Duby Dub Dubs

I want to celebrate Kelenna, too. He lost his mind in the third quarter. Wish he could call games on his own!

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Late to the party, but just wanted to celebrate a Warrior win. We haven't had enough of those to let one pass without comment.

Amazing that the new guys contributed as much as they did. Of course, when you've only got 8 guys, it's all hands on deck...

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Mar 1, 2020Liked by Eric Apricot, Duby Dub Dubs

Awesome game! Very happy Looney had a good game. He just hasn’t been himself since returning. Myers gets extra bonus points for drafting Paschall. He’s an exciting player and can’t wait to see him with the full squad next season. Also excited about Chriss...thank (bob)god we got him back. Lee has been making his way back to my good side as of late. Wiggins I’m very open to loving, he just needs to show me he wants to be loved, lol. Ok, that’s enough. Lol. Hope they didn’t expend all of their energy tonight though. I got tickets to tomorrow’s game thinking Steph would be back! This is my longest comment ever. I’m just so darn happy about this win.

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Apparently, all it takes for the Dubs to win are an overblown Steve Kerr quote and for Warriors Twitter to go apeshit bananas over it lmao

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Mar 1, 2020Liked by Eric Apricot, Duby Dub Dubs

It’s early morning here in Milano, I’m celebrating too and I love you all so much that I decided, after lots of thinking about it, that I want to publish the little thing I wrote a couple of weeks ago. It seems the right time. Hope you enjoy it, forgive me if it is inconvenient or if it has some bad grammar:

Dear Dubs,

Let me tell you a story. You will recognize characters, analogies, but mainly I would like you to see the same spirit.

Once upon a time, around the mid eighties, I was a basketball obsessed teenager, and I rooted for my city’s team, named Olimpia Milano.

Its colors were red and white, and its badge was a stylization of a medieval folk hero, Alberto da Giussano, the leader of the heavily outnumbered army that defeated the mighty barbaric king Federico Barbarossa, in the famous (here) battle of Legnano.

He was a warrior.

The Olimpia had inherited that warrior trait. Every player, since the very moment he wore that red and white jersey, became immediately a warrior, a true fighter capable of anything to reach victory. The team defense was demonic, and the zone 1-3-1 a trademark: with frightening pressure all-court, it granted the most extreme comebacks.

Amongst there was a point guard, devilishly smart, with lightning quick hands, infacts he was a steal king (de facto he even stole his wife too, she dated his teammate Russell Schoene, but that is a side story). He was also the clutch emperor, and leader of the team.

His name was Mike d’Antoni.

There was a forward that couldn’t shoot into an empty swimming pool, but was so sharp and smart a defender, to be the supporters’ pet. He was to have a small child, named Danilo.

His name was Vittorio Gallinari.

The spirit of the team was such to allow recovery of the most demotivated players, that found at Olimpia a sort of brotherhood, a winning spirit that pushed them beyond their capabilities. The most illustrious example was a NBA number one draft pick, a seven feet center who was so deluded to be nicknamed, in the US, “barely cares”. He played one season with Olimpia, and became miraculously a warrior amongst warriors, gritting, hassling, scorching his knees, fighting for success alongside veterans and rookies that did not have a tenth of his talent.

His name was Joe Barry Carroll.

This is the tale. That team won many many trophies, then things changed, personalities changed, and slowly the spirit faded away but for the fond memories of supporters like me.

But all of a sudden, in my life there’s that spirit again. In a team whose supporters fill the arena every night even in a lousy season. A team where joy and optimism are never lost. Where every single member, player, coach, front office, support, becomes part of a victory and happiness machine. Where every player, however mistreated, underestimated, demotivated, that comes in, the very moment he wears that gold and blue jersey, finds himself different, feels a push to practice hard, to lose weight, to dunk fiercely, to defend like it was a final, to ignore waiver calls, to say NO around the rim, to face fearlessly future hall-of-famers, to beam the light of hope and faith during the winter of losing streaks and seasons.

He becomes a Warrior.

Thanks, Dub Nation, for giving me back that spirit.


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Mar 1, 2020Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Amazing team effort... I watched every second of this intense match. As special a feeling for these borderline players, as some bigger wins we've had over the past few years.

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Mar 1, 2020Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Warrior Wonder: EP

Tank Commander: Still WCS, lol.

Beer is fun! 🍻

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Mar 1, 2020Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Top players:


Paschall: (+18)

25 points 10/16 FGs 1/2 three pointers 4/6 FTs

3 rebounds (1 off.) 4 assists 1 turnover

Lee: (+26)

20 points 6/13 FGs 2/6 three pointers 6/6 FTs

5 rebounds 8 assists 1 steal

Mulder: (+16, 3rd place)

14 points 5/12 FGs 3/8 three pointers 1/1 FT

6 rebounds (2 off.)

Chriss: (+15, 3rd place)

11 points 3/6 FGs 5/8 FTs

9 rebounds (2 off.) 3 assists 2 turnovers 3 steals 1 block

Honorable mention:

Looney: (+2)

10 points 4/5 FGs 0/1 three pointer 2/2 FTs

6 rebounds (2 off.) 3 assists

Bender: (+8)

13 points 5/10 FGs 3/6 three pointers

9 rebounds (2 off.) 4 assists 3 turnovers 1 steal 3 blocks

Wiggins: (+2)

17 points 6/20 FGs 0/5 three pointers 5/7 FTs

7 rebounds (2 off.) 5 assists 2 turnovers 3 steals 2 blocks


Bridges: (-14)

15 points 5/12 FGs 5/10 three pointers

3 rebounds (1 off.) 3 assists 1 steal 1 block

Ayton: (-18)

20 points 8/16 FGs 4/5 FTs

9 rebounds (1 off.) 5 turnovers 1 steal 2 blocks

Okobo: (-7)

14 points 4/8 FGs 1/1 three pointers 5/6 FTs

7 rebounds (1 off.) 5 assists 1 turnover

Honorable mention:

Booker: (-22)

21 points 6/16 FGs 4/7 three pointers 5/5 FTs

1 assist 6 turnovers 1 block

Saric: (-14)

11 points 4/8 FGs 0/2 three pointers 3/4 FTs

9 rebounds (2 off.) 3 assists 1 block

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Final stats:


47.1% shooting (41/87 FGs)

9/30 three pointers

24/32 FTs

49 rebounds (13 off.)

30 assists

10 turnovers

9 steals

6 blocks


41.0% shooting (34/83 FGs)

12/29 three pointers

19/23 FTs

40 rebounds (8 off.)

24 assists

20 turnovers

3 steals

5 blocks

Points in paint:

Warriors: 54

Suns: 38

Fastbreak points:

Warriors: 7

Suns: 13

Points off turnovers:

Warriors: 17

Suns: 15

Bench points:

Warriors: 49

Suns: 26


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Mar 1, 2020Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

One of the most fun Eric Paschall games of the year. Hope he uses this year to keep turning up the aggression, even if he gets embarrassed by good defense some nights. He's not going to have the same room to experiment with Steph and Klay playing.

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Mar 1, 2020Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

"This is why you’ve got to watch every game."

I always told my son, you will never see a great "live" game unless you are willing to sit through a lot of "bad" games. I have watched every game this year....


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Hang the box score at Chase Center.

Miraculous win.

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I just wanted to tell you all that I love you

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Mar 1, 2020Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Log this one in the XFiles! This win eases the pain of no Steph tomorrow. So needed.

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Party on everyone!

One wild thing - with Steph's return delay, the Dubs will be looking to bring him back in a pretty rough three game span: Raptors, then Philly, then Clippers

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