Post game party thread: IT'S A WIN! Warriors show up with 8 players...which turned out to be enough to crush the Suns.



I’m shook. What a fun, rewarding game!

This is why you’ve got to watch every game. When the Golden State Warriors announced that Steph Curry was not going to be coming back tomorrow, as reported, you could hear the collective groan rise from the fans. Then, Draymond Green was a late scratch right before the game, dropping the list of available Warrior players to just eight - the NBA-mandated minimum.

It was a perfect night for a win for the hard-pressed players, and fans who have been watching them and rooting for them while watching the team fall short over and over again.

After falling way behind on a 28-41 first quarter though, the Warriors defense woke up; holding the Suns to 24, 16, and then 18 points in the final frames to pull away for a 16-point win 115-99.

Best game of the season, Christmas day massacre of the Houston Rockets aside.

Damion Lee had 20 points, 8 assists and 5 rebounds, but it was Paschall’s 25 points that were the physical reminder that the Warriors were out for a win tonight.

On top of that, the Warriors got a combined 27 from the two players on 10-day contracts - both of whom are fighting for their professional careers right now.

Were these guys supposed to win? No. But that’s exactly why you have to watch every game.

A full team effort, Golden State ends the game with seven of their eight available players in double figures.

Rest easy tonight and enjoy the win completely.

The team is well positioned from their excellent tank skills throughout the rest of the season.

Enjoy this quick little party thread!

Let’s go Warriors!!