New thread about the game being Players Only: https://www.letsgowarriors.com/p/players-only-golden-state-will-play

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Official statement from Warriors (man I wish we could embed tweets):


Due to escalating concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, and in consultation with the City and County of San Francisco, tomorrow night’s game vs. the Nets at Chase Center will be played without fans. Fans with tickets to this game will receive a refund in the amount paid.

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Sorry KD, looks like no fans will be at your Warriors return....


The Golden State Warriors are planning to play foreseeable home games without fans in observance of the San Francisco Health Office's order prohibiting group of events of 1K or more from assembling, source tells ESPN.<<<<

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San Francisco is banning gatherings of more than 1,000 people, including Warriors games.

I guess the Warriors don't have a choice on this anymore.

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Mulder turned into Lee?

Signed his contract and proceeds to go 1-9 (0-7 3pt) from the field....

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So, I was thinking of having a NCAA MBB Tournament Bracket contest for LGWers. I don't follow college hoops, but it could still be fun if enough of us do it.

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OT but not really:

"Arsenal's Premier League match against Manchester City on Wednesday has been postponed after a number of the squad made "close contact" with Olympiakos owner Evangelos Marinakis two weeks ago.

Marinakis, who is also the owner of Championship side Nottingham Forest, announced on Instagram on Tuesday that he had tested positive for the coronavirus -- 13 days after being present at the Emirates as his side eliminated Arsenal from the Europa League.

The London-based club confirmed in a statement on Tuesday night that the players' risk of contracting the coronavirus was "extremely low" but the Premier League decided the game should be postponed as a precautionary measure."


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I love that MiB gif, you should use it everytime we . . .

Sorry, I forgot what I was going to type . . .

On a serious note, Dr Fauci has spoken:

"A top federal health official gave lawmakers a stark warning on Wednesday that the coronavirus would continue to spread in the United States, and said that fans should be barred from big gatherings like National Basketball Association games.

“The bottom line: It is going to get worse,” Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told the House Oversight Committee.

“We would recommend that there not be large crowds,” he added. “If that means not having any people in the audience as the N.B.A. plays, so be it.”


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I prefer to accentuate the positive; I had the Nuggets and Sixers games chalked up as loses too. For the G-league Warriors (+Wiggins) to go 2-2 against those teams including a competitive loss to the Raptors exceeds expectations.

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props if you watched. I saw the injury God's make a cameo in the first :55 seconds and turned off in disgust. I knew it was gonna be a long night after that

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I picked a good one to miss, that -18 next to Wiggins name is a bit worrisome but they got drubbed so badly, it’s hard to take anything away from this game.

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I think we need a new defense coordinator right now. We have the worst 3pt defense in a 3pt shooting league. That's the problem. Jarron Collins doesn't appear to be doing a good job. We are always at the mercy of our opponent's shooting form.

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Top players:


Leonard: (+25)

23 points 9/14 FGs 2/5 three pointers 3/3 FTs

4 rebounds 5 assists 2 steals

Beverly: (+27, 2nd place)

15 points 5/10 FGs 4/5 three pointers 1/1 FT

3 rebounds 2 assists 2 turnovers

George: (+25, 2nd place)

15 points 5/13 3/7 three pointers 2/2 FTs

1 rebound 5 assists 1 steal

Jackson: (+6, 3rd place)

16 points 6/7 FGs 3/4 three pointers 1/1 FT

4 assists 3 turnovers 1 block

Harrell: (+14, 3rd place)

14 points 6/12 FGs 0/1 three pointer 2/2 FTs

4 rebounds (1 off.) 2 assists

Honorable mention:

Jeff Green: (-3)

13 points 5/8 FGs 3/6 three pointers

10 rebounds (2 off.) 2 assists 1 turnover


Wiggins: (-18)

21 points 8/16 FGs 3/8 three pointers 2/4 FTs

2 rebounds 3 assists 1 turnover

Bender: (-7)

23 points 8/12 FGs 2/5 three pointers 5/5 FTs

7 rebounds (1 off.) 3 assists 3 turnovers

Poole: (-3)

17 points 6/10 FGs 2/6 three pointers 3/4 FTs

1 rebound 3 assists 1 turnover 1 steal

Honorable mention:

Bowman: (-4)

11 points 5/6 FGs 1/2 three pointers

4 rebounds 1 turnover

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Mar 11, 2020Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Final stats:


50.0% shooting (46/92 FGs)

20/44 three pointers

19/19 FTs

47 rebounds (11 off.)

28 assists

11 turnovers

5 steals

2 blocks


46.8% shooting (37/79 FGs)

11/38 three pointers

22/27 FTs

35 rebounds (4 off.)

24 assists

10 turnovers

3 steals

Points in paint:

Clippers: 42

Warriors: 44

Fastbreak points:

Clippers: 15

Warriors: 12

Points off turnovers:

Clippers: 18

Warriors: 18

Bench points:

Clippers: 65

Warriors: 65


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How close are we to the tax limit? If we keep having injuries does that cause issues with needing to sign more players to make sure we have the minimum to play? Do I even really care?

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...err... New Jersey Nets? Isn't it the Brooklyn Nets?

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