As long as we give a good fight, I’m okay with any outcome. If they play like the last two games, they have a chance.

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I don’t feel a win tonight. I just think Milwaukee has too much fire power. I do think we will play tough, just not sure shots will fall.

Come next week though, I don’t see us losing a game ever again. That’s my prediction.

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Bucks stats:


1 in points scored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (114.6)

25 in points in paint (43.9)

9 in fastbreak points!!!! (13.3)

3 in offensive efficiency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 in shooting % (46.4%)

5 in three point % !!!!!!!!!!!! (36.6%)

8 in two point % !!!!!! (54.1%)

14 in off. rebound % (23.3%)

6 in def. rebound % !!!!!!!!!! (78.5%)

7 in total rebound % !!!!!!! (51.0%)

9 in opponent blocks!!! (4.3)

8 in opponent steals!!!!! (7.2)

18 in assists (23.6)

11 in turnovers (13.5)


16 in points allowed (110.5)

4 in opponent points in paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (43.3)

3 in opponent fastbreak points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (10.9)

14 in defensive efficiency

9 in opponent shooting % !!!! (45.1%)

14 in opponent three point % (34.8%)

19 in opponent two point % (53.5%)

28 in blocks (4.0)

13 in steals (7.6)

23 in opponent assists (25.3)

23 in opponent turnovers (13.2)

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GS FT% smackdown

1. Poole .9235

2. Thompson .9211

3. Curry .9207

I got my money on Steph.

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After tonight, I expect I won't be able to use the talking point that the biggest Warrior home loss this season with or without Draymond was 6 and required an improbable 19 point fourth quarter comeback.

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Mar 12, 2022Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Will continuity (PHO, UTA, MIL, MIA, BOS, GSW -old guard) win out over late season roster/rotation changes (GSW youth additions, PHI-BKL talent swap, DEN & LAC return of star injured players)??

My one playoff fear is that, when the pressure is on, Kerr will fall back on old habits and we are going to see lots of minutes from D Lee, JTA, extending Looney physically, etc. rather than let the younger guys play through a few mistakes. Sure, there is continuity there, but not the kind that wins a Chip. The only way we win a Chip this year, imo, is if embrace the wild and bumpy ride where we infuse the continuity of the old guard with extended playing time for the young Stallions. We are not going to win on skill & IQ alone. And the valued experience of veteran role players will not tip the scales in any series against this year's competition. No one reaches the top of the mountain if they are not allowed to climb it. If we win the Chip this year, it will be because the Warrior's coaching staff embraced and blessed the marriage of 'continuity and mayhem'.

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Latest Shaqtin' #1 is pretty crazy, I hadn't seen that it had happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEYv--ADh8k

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Mar 12, 2022Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

As much as I'd like to see us playing the Orlando Magic on Monday, I'm pretty sure the Wizards will be our opponent that night :) Easy to see how Wizards and Magic can lead to confusion.

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Mar 12, 2022Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

So the tiny blue ball hurtles through space spinning on its axis at 1000 mph, orbiting the sun at 67k mph, while our solar system whirls around our galaxy at 490k mph. Still, I am obsessed with the Warriors winning tonight.

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Mar 12, 2022Liked by Eric Apricot, Duby Dub Dubs

OT: New 5-minute video from our recent Humpback Whale encounters, which have included a couple of times where the whales swam up so close to Jenny that she could have touched them. It’s as if they see the camera and say “I’m ready for my closeup!” (There’s also a little bonus footage of a Spotted Eagle Ray that was swimming around below us.)


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Isn’t the game at Chase center ?

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I'd have Otto in the closing line up. If Wiggs is still sliding then maybe JP. I just feel that size will be an issue against these bigger teams if the 3 guard line up is not going crazy like the Denver game. Enter Moody or JK.

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Mar 12, 2022Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

So Wiggins is a career 72.4% free-thrower. In March he's shooting 22.2%, which is 50.2% below his career average.

According to the principle of regression to the mean, he'll soon have a month where he's shooting 50.2% above his career average. Therefore, sometime during the playoffs he's going to have a breakout FT shooting month where he shoots at 122.6%!!!

I'm doing this correctly, right?

Hashtag science.

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