Does everyone else have their head in a paper bag?

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Good summary, 3D. That on/off the court chart is a very telling figure to me. We are surprised to see Klay on the wrong side of it as he is known primarily as a scorer. The others show me who, besides the rookies, are not executing and adding much value offensively. The rookies get a pass. Weatherspoon has made a good showing but I think Kerr is too preoccupied with his former rotations and substitutions that he hasn't acknowledged Q's ability and presence on the floor, yet. He's got a lot of fundamentals underneath him and should see more playing time, imo. I'm looking for changes in this group by next season. We still don't have enough support players impacting the game. I like OPJ but I always feel he is still not 100% durable. This should be a deciding factor in bringing him back or not. I doubt he settles for the Vet min unless there is a health issue. If there is one, we can't let him hang here. Bjeli has his moments but we don't need moments. We need consistency. Same with DLee, JTA. We need to do a deep dive in the offseason. We really need another big man and I'll keep on this point forever until they solve it.

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Thanks Duby for that fine and thorough report. Wiseman's recovery is perplexing, inclusive of his 2d surgery in December, which apparently is now problematic also.. Initially, it was diagnosed as a partially-torn meniscus. Dr. Neal ElAttrache, an orthopedic surgeon in LA did both surgeries on the knee. He is also the orthopod who did both surgeries on Klay, the torn ACL and torn Achilles. The Doc bills himself as a knee and shoulder specialist. Two out of 4 surgeries, in James and Klay, were successful. Frankly, not good enough. I looked him up; and remembered him as the Doc who famously predicted there would be no Corona Virus 2d wave in Fall of 2020. i guess that makes him an epidemiologist, also. I was treated as a Cadet for my bum knees by the late Dr John Feagin, a pioneer in Sports Medicine and knee specialist; Dr. Nicholas, Joe Namath's orthopedic knee surgeon and Dr. Feafin were close collaborators. Four years later, I had the pleasure/honor of working with/for Dr. Feagin as he set up the first Army Sports Medicine Fellowship. Frankly, if the Dubs ever asked me, I would send orthopedic injuries to the same place where Kevin Durant got his surgery. I think it is tremendous program for sports-related injuries of professional athletes. Nuff said.

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Injury report:

No Curry, Payton II, Iguodala, Wiseman, and Moody for the Warriors tonight.

No Bates-Diop, Walker IV, Langford, and McDermott for the Spurs tonight.

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I do not understand. Is Andre actually injured or does he just not want to play?

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Spurs stats:


8 in points scored!!!!!! (112.7)

2 in points in paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (53.8)

8 in fastbreak points!!!!!! (13.5)

17 in offensive efficiency

10 in shooting % !! (46.6%)

18 in three point % (35.0%)

20 in two point % (52.6%)

12 in off. rebound % (23.7%)

26 in def. rebound % (75.1%)

19 in total rebound % (49.3%)

24 in opponent blocks (5.0)

13 in opponent steals (7.5)

1 in assists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (28.0)

5 in turnovers!!!!!!!!!!!! (12.8)


25 in points allowed (113.7)

28 in opponent points in paint (51.0)

11 in opponent fastbreak points (11.8)

21 in defensive efficiency

24 in opponent shooting % (47.0%)

22 in opponent three point % (35.9%)

17 in opponent two point % (53.3%)

8 in blocks!!!!! (5.0)

12 in steals (7.6)

10 in opponent assists! (23.9)

12 in opponent turnovers (13.9)

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I know individual injuries are somewhat random. But over time trends can be real. Is it time to move on to a new medical training staff? The Warriors surely have one of the slowest return rates among athletes and the idea that it’s conservativeness doesn’t ring as true when you have consistent setbacks even in your young players. Sometimes all the experience in the world doesn’t lead to a better surgeon, doctor, or F1 driver. Is it time to seek better better talent that can provide better outcomes?

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Schedule Notes.

Except for final game (4/10 NOP), no other opponent is playing the Dubs on the back end of a back-to-back.

However, 8 of 12 opponents are returning from road games.

Last 5



If you ask me, if we are fighting Memphis for seeding, advantage Dubs last 5 games.

There are 8 very winnable games of the 12 remaining, even without Curry.

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Every team seems to bring on their A-game against us. Well now, every opposing team in these last regular games will be gunning for a win against the Warriors because they know it’ll be ‘easier’ without Curry. We can’t sleep on any of these teams, especially the lower seeds that we should be able to beat ‘on paper’.

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This is a chance for poole to really prove he is damm near all star level, if we can pull out some wins against the western conference contenders in this stretch behind poole and no curry it will give him the confidence to ball in the playoffs.

I honestly expect us to pull out some surprising wins my only concern is kerr playing chiozza more then 10 minutes a game, just split poole and drays minutes so we always have a playmaker on the court. Iggy and GP2 will help with this too if they get some games before playoffs

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Assuming Curry is done for the regular season, this is probably the easiest game the Warriors have on their schedule the rest of the way when you account for rest, opponent, and location.

Taking care of business in this game and the Orlando game would go a long way toward getting to .500 in these last 12 games.

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While Wiseman’s setback sucks, I can’t help but think how fortunate we are to be rooting for a team that has so much more going for it. Typically, a team drafting #2 is going to pin all their hopes on that player’s ability to turn their sad sack franchise around.

Not only do we have our long-term core guys in place, but we also are fortunate to have three other young guys with seemingly very bright futures. Hopefully, Wiseman comes back from this and produces next season, but even if he never pans out, it shouldn’t crush the franchise like it would so many others.

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I mean, it's the Spurs. If we can't beat them with a somewhat depleted yet still strong squad, we will not have the sympathy of the rest of the league for our struggles, that we know.

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Mar 20, 2022·edited Mar 20, 2022

The Dubs *should* be able to win this, but you really can't be sure. There are too many players who might look like all-stars or might look like scrubs on any given night.

Wiggins has turned it up this season, and even his off nights are still pretty solid defensively, but he still goes quiet sometimes when the team needs him to be loud. I'm hoping that with Green back in the rotation we get the good version the rest of the season.

Poole has been on a tear lately. I would be surprised if he played more than one sub-20-point game for the remainder of this season. But the difference between when he is hot or cold from distance is still enough to swing a game.

Klay is the biggest variable. He's going to shoot a lot of shots, off night or not, so when he's not calibrated right it's gonna hurt us. It still feels like he misses short more often than not on his surgically repaired legs.

Kuminga and Moody get a pass as rookies, but they *have* put together some killer games. Kuminga's challenge will be to find room to operate in the lane against the Spurs' disciplined bigs.

JTA, DLee, Bjelica are all pretty known quantities, but the questions are: can they hit open threes, and can they defend without fouling? When they do, it's usually a good night for us.

Looney is not in question. So thankful he's been healthy enough to play his best ball yet after looking so out of it two seasons ago.

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Spurs are kind of a weird team this year. They lost big to the Pelicans, lost to the Sacromento Kings East (AKA, The Pacers) and barely beat the Thunder, but beat the Jazz and played the T-Wolves reasonably close in the KAT 60 point game. On paper, the Warriors win this one even without Curry.

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