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I really hope the Warriors work really heavily on their 3pt defense. They're 30th this year and it's the single biggest reason they're the worst team in the league as opposed to middle of the pack bad. Steph and Klay will help somewhat, but the team as a whole has dropped down from a 2016-2017 peak in 3P%. Maybe it's partly bad luck, but it's an incredibly worrying trend.

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Randomly, since I happened to be paying attention to this: a bunch of Dubs helped too far off Melli and Reddick, contributing to the Pels beating us on threes. Bowman was one of the ones I remember seeing make that mistake (he had a pretty fantastic game otherwise though); not sure who else, maybe Poole and Smiley?

But you know who didn't make that mistake, despite having a really lackluster game otherwise? Kevon Looney. The moment he came in, he was glued to Melli in the half court and followed him around without giving a lot of room to shoot. Always a smart, disciplined defender, that guy.

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Was bummed. Not from the loss but I really wanted to see Zion go up against Green.

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Zion is a matchup nightmare, hope the pels somehow squeeze into the 8 seed so I can watch him go straight through Lebron's chest a few times. Sheesh that kid's gonna be scary in a few years

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Duby, if we want folks to comment in here/join, we need be a user-friendly site. That means chronological order of the comments and responses as they come in, that we may best follow the thread, and not the weighing BS! There, I've said my piece and will say no more. I imagine this comment will go to the bottom of the thread, anyway.

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I can't believe Dragan hasn't even practiced with the team! He has a lot of promise.

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Bender the robot looked pretty bad on D. I found myself yelling multiple times "YOU ARE 7' TALL" as he backpedaled away from the pelicans.

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Top players:


Holiday: (+21)

23 points 10/17 FGs 3/7 three pointers

7 rebounds (2 off.) 15 assists 5 turnovers 1 block

Williamson: (+20)

28 points 13/20 FGs 1/1 three pointer 1/6 FTs

7 rebounds (6 off.) 2 assists 1 turnover 1 steal

Melli: (+5)

20 points 7/8 FGs 6/7 three pointers

5 rebounds (3 off.) 1 assist 1 turnover 1 block

Honorable mention:

Ingram: (+14)

17 points 5/18 FGs 2/7 three pointers 5/5 FTs

4 rebounds 5 assists 3 turnovers 2 steals

Favors: (+13)

6 points 3/4 FGs 0/1 FT

11 rebounds (2 off.) 1 assist 1 block


Lee: (-8)

22 points 9/15 FGs 4/8 three pointers

4 rebounds 4 assists 3 turnovers 1 steal 1 block

Poole: (-20)

19 points 8/14 FGs 1/4 three pointers 2/3 FTs

5 rebounds 5 assists 4 turnovers

Toscano-Anderson: (+6)

16 points 6/10 FGs 3/5 three pointers 1/1 FT

8 rebounds 3 assists 1 turnover 1 steal 2 blocks

Bowman: (-7)

15 points 6/12 FGs 0/3 three pointers 3/3 FTs

6 rebounds (2 off.) 7 assists 1 turnover 3 steals 1 block

Honorable mention:

Paschall: (-16)

13 points 5/9 FGs 0/2 three pointers 3/4 FTs

5 rebounds (1 off.) 2 turnovers 1 steal

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Final stats:


46.9% shooting (46/98 FGs)

17/42 three pointers

6/13 FTs

52 rebounds (14 off.)

34 assists

13 turnovers

7 steals

5 blocks


43.5% shooting (40/92 FGs)

11/35 three pointers

10/15 FTs

28 assists

15 turnovers

9 steals

7 blocks

Points in paint:

Pelicans: 52

Warriors: 46

Fastbreak points:

Pelicans: 27

Warriors: 13

Points off turnovers:

Pelicans: 15

Warriors: 17

Bench points:

Pelicans: 39

Warriors: 37


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Being competitive to a good team and losing makes feel bubbly inside. Leading by double digits to a marginal team just to blow said lead with hideous defense (Here's looking at you Damion Lee) and Dragan Bender going full Jeremy Pargo is really starting to make this shit unenjoyable

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