Origin story of Steve Kerr to cap off #TheLastDance, says director Hehir

BREAKING: According to Jason Hehir, director of the acclaimed Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance, the “origin story” of Steve Kerr will be featured in tonight’s final two episodes on ESPN.

Hehir conducted a video interview with the Boston Celtics’ director of digital content, Marc D’Amico, who posted clips of his latest segment with Hehir on Twitter earlier this morning.

“That might be my favorite,” Hehir told D’Amico of the Kerr back-story. “That deserves its own documentary. Steve Kerr is such an impressive guy on and off the floor, and such an intelligent, incisive interview, just a really decent person. And his mom plays a major role in this…There was no tougher Bull in that entire span of championships than Steve Kerr.”

BREAKING: Steve Kerr origin story to cap off the last night of #TheLastDance, says producer @jasonmhehir! https://www.letsgowarriors.com/p/origin-story-of-steve-kerr-to-cap/comments 👈 to read more — link in bio (🎥: @marcdamiconba)
May 17, 2020

Most Golden State Warriors fans already know most, if not all, of the back-story of their current head coach. Hehir even referenced a detailed profile that John Branch of the New York Times wrote four years ago. But Kerr suddenly taking the spotlight in the context of what’s become one of the most talked-about basketball documentaries of all time, on its final night of airing, should still prove quite illuminating.

If that’s not enough, Hehir revealed to D’Amico that there will be a meme-able moment between Jordan and then-coach of the Indiana Pacers, Larry Bird, in the tunnel after the Chicago Bulls beat them in Game 7 of the epic 1998 Eastern Conference Finals. Also, more of Jordan in front of the iPad.

And to think, this casual Sunday started off with an innocent highlight of Kerr coming off the bench for eight quick points in that Game 7, knowing the Pacers series would certainly be featured tonight (with a little H/T to a certain opposing small forward named Chris Mullin):

Incidentally, the video at the top of this post doesn’t show Kerr actually hitting the three, only as a highlight. It had the best thumbnail, though. I ripped the clip of Kerr’s three on the fast break with Jordan from this 14-minute compilation:

And here’s the 1.5-hour version, if you really want to get a feel for how epic that game was:

This morning on our Instagram Stories before we got wind of what Hehir revealed, we joked that Kerr carried Michael, that he was the “true GOAT”, and that Nike had squandered trillions by never releasing an “Air Kerr”— “Ground Kerr”? “Floor Kerr”?

Little did we know that he’d end up the focal point of either Episode 9 or 10 on #TheLastDance’s final night. I’m looking forward to channeling my inner Andy Thompson and getting some extra candid behind-the-scenes footage of Kerr in arena tunnels in 2021 — or whenever we’ve pretty much eradicated COVID-19, bless our souls. If he asks why I’m hovering with my iPhone on him, I’ll just tell him that I’m doing it for his eventual documentary and give him the John Michael Wozniak shrug. Jason Hehir, you know where to find me, make it official!