Open thread and News Updates: Season suspended 30 days minimum; Coronavirus & Donovan Mitchell; suspension of MLB, NHL, MLS; NCAA Tournament

Here’s a space for our community to discuss whatever.

News Updates

Oh, about that NCAA Tournament

It’s looking less likely by the minute. Update: and it’s cancelled.

The warning signs:

And your moment of clueless

Rockets owner Fertitta says “There’s no reason to panic, even when they announce that another 10,000 people have it, ok? Just don’t give it to other people... you’re not going to die from this.”  

Where is my big f’ing emoji of an eyeroll that morphs into a hand that slaps sense into Fertitta?

This Season

We can talk a bit about what we might want to see at this site during the season suspension. Certainly there will be regular open threads like this.

Further ideas:

  • if the NCAA Tournament really happens (really??), we’ll follow along with a creative and Warrior-centric eye

  • I have this idea that I might cover past wonderful Warriors playoff runs (e.g. 2014-15 run) as if they were happening now, and do some retro-E1Ps

  • Scouting reports on what we’ve seen from all the new guys this (apocalyptic) season

  • I also have a bunch of detailed articles that are not available online anymore and I wanted to publish them at LGW so they aren’t lost to history. They are mainly about past GSW playoff runs.

  • I’ll certainly keep rolling out Honorary Warriors For Life posts, just as a way to remember and honor players.

  • Other ideas…?