NEWS: Jeremy Lin scrimmages with Stephen Curry and other Warriors in SF

Rising star NBA photographer Jordan Jimenez (@__jsquared on Instagram) released pictures of a scrimmage involving Stephen Curry and other Warriors players including Eric Paschall, Kevon Looney, Marquese Chriss, Ky Bowman, and Juan Toscano-Anderson this morning.

The post also includes Jeremy Lin in a solo shot and, for good measure, a source confirms to me that Lin was, indeed, at the pickup run last week which was held in San Francisco — it’s actually quite easy to figure out which gym.

Here is our slideshow rendition of Jimenez’s captures:

These runs are, of course, not organized by the Golden State Warriors (they aren’t allowed to do that, being it is the off-season) and are put together by the players themselves. I’ve also been told that each person on the court was tested and tested negative before entering the gym.

Curry’s personal trainer, Coach Brandon Payne, has informed me in the past that every workout Curry participates in involves some sort of testing as well as masks, so you can rest assured that the risks for catching COVID-19 at this scrimmage was low. Check out our Curry workout playlist for more of those. He’s been working out near his house in Atherton (Portola Valley, to be exact).

Now, as for Lin coming all the way up to the Bay Area for this run? There was a report originating from Chinese website Weixin that the Warriors were one of a handful or so of teams interested in signing Lin as a free agent:

Lin was also seen before this scrimmage in LA, in a pickup run with Klay Thompson and a group organized by one of Klay’s trainers down there, Jordan Lawley:

So let the speculation begin. Was the sheer amount of talent present in SF enough for Lin to make a special trip here, away from the usual basketball hotbed of LA, where Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins are also training?

By the way, I’m also told that Lin is back in LA at the moment, “until next week”.

Or did Lin want to get a jumpstart on meshing with the Warriors and is his signing basically a done deal? Check out all the recent transaction dates the NBA has announced. You’d figure verbal contact and all of that backstage stuff with trades has to have already occurred, no matter what the semantics tell you. That’s just how trades go down in the NBA; it’s not like Bob Myers or any of the 29 other GMs start making their first phone calls to potential signees on the “official” start of free agency.

Here’s some footage of Wiggins working out in LA:

Here’s Draymond:

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