Morning thread: What are you thinking about the Warriors-Mavericks trade?

So the folks on our staff have known my opinion about Wille Cauley-Stein for a while: to put it gently, I just didn’t see him as a long-term fit.

I always got the feeling that people’s enthusiasm about him was more about looking for a glimmer hope in an otherwise dark season. So I, like others, see nothing but upside from the trade the Warriors made with Dallas for draft picks:

  1. It clears out cap space.

  2. It creates roster (and cap) space for Ky Bowman and Marquese Chriss.

Kevin Pelton of ESPN Insider summed up the value of the trade in an analysis posted last night:

The Warriors signed Cauley-Stein last summer for a season that effectively ended with Stephen Curry's second metacarpal fracture in Cauley-Stein's Bay Area debut. Though Cauley-Stein has started 37 games, he didn't necessarily factor into Golden State's long-term planning. Backup Omari Spellman, under contract for 2020-21 and four years younger, is a more likely part of the Warriors' future. So perhaps, too, is Marquese Chriss, who's on a two-way contract but has averaged 17.6 minutes per game for Golden State this season.

Pelton gave the Warriors — and the Dallas Mavericks, for that matter — an A- for the trade and it’s hard for me to see it any other way.

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Update: Official now.