ok, Game Thread will go up about 10 minutes prior to the game

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The "Poole moving to the bench is a demotion" media comments are off base. The 6th man role comes with a lot of history and a lot of responsibility. It will be on him to push the 2nd unit, to score, to involve others and one of his biggest responsibilities may be put together a successful P&R game with Wiseman. If they can find some success in that, that will get Wiseman a little more time on the floor.

More importantly, it's about who finishes games and, if the Warriors need to score, a 5-man unit of Steph-Poole-Klay-Wiggs-Dray will be pretty deadly. I suspect Klay may split his time between the 2 and 3 from here on out in his career. Won't make any difference to him, just a less stressful defensive assignment. And this will leave the door open for more minutes to share the floor with Poole. There will always be minutes for the guys who can make a difference.

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Some flex scheduling: NBA TV now televising the Warriors-Cavs game on Sunday instead of the Timberwolves-Rockets game


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So help me out on this logic problem. Assumptions: 1. The Nets are better with Kyrie. 2. He can't play in home games, including playoffs. 3. The amount that the Nets are better with Kyrie is more better than their home court advantage. THEREFORE AND QED: Should they be aiming for the 8th seed, so as to have four away games in any playoff series?

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I never knew Andrew Wiggins' dad played in the NBA!

That means a lineup of: Curry, Thompson, Wiggins, GP2, and OPJ would all have NBA DNA?!

What should that lineup be called?

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My early Christmas wish is for Moody to catch up to speed so he can join the fun too

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OT: was checking out dunksandthrees.com and they have our 5 best players as: Curry, Payton, Draymond, Wiggins, Poole -- that'd be a really small lineup, but wouldn't it be fun?? Poole and Payton have both played minutes at the 3 according to bbref...

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sorry to be pedantic, but it's still "regression to the mean" even if it's a positive change

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The Warriors resting Iguodala and OPJ on the front end of the back to back despite the better team being on the front end of the back to back doesn't add up. Makes me think they might be resting Curry on the back end.

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The Warrior approach now seems to be: Just assume Iguodala is not playing and we'll let you know if we feel like we need him.

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aww poop, no Otto Porter tonight too (rest)

> @GSWReddit

Andre Iguodala (Right Knee Soreness) and Otto Porter Jr. (Left Foot Injury Management) are both listed out for the Warriors tonight against the Dallas Mavericks.

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Another great story, Duby. I know it's been commented on several times, but let me add my voice to the chorus: the new graphics you guys are doing on the Dubs HQ stories are superb.

And thanks for write up about Dirk Night. Dirk was one of my all-time faves, especially after Dallas unexpectedly kicked the Heatles' ass in the 2011 NBA Finals. There's a terrific piece about Dirk on The Athletic's site this morning (behind a paywall): https://theathletic.com/3051137/2022/01/05/we-aint-through-kicking-your-ass-the-essence-of-dirk-nowitzki-in-a-dozen-stories/. The video of him, Nash, and Finley wishing Shaq a happy 30th is a classic, and I'd never seen it.

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Never change Klay!

"Even when I do come back to play, whenever that is, it's going to be on a minutes restriction and it's going to build throughout the whole season and hopefully peak when it's winning time. Which is all the time, but when it really, really matters."


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With his interest in Wiseman and Wiggins, I sometimes wonder if KG might be in the Warriors fold one of these days.


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Mavericks stats:


26 in points scored (105.1)

30 in points in paint (40.8)

23 in fastbreak points (10.2)

17 in offensive efficiency

22 in shooting % (44.9%)

25 in three point % (33.0%)

8 in two point % !!!!!! (53.7%)

23 in off. rebound % (21.1%)

4 in def. rebound % !!!!!!!!!!!!! (78.9%)

20 in total rebound % (49.5%)

4 in opponent blocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! (4.1)

2 in opponent steals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (6.6)

16 in assists (23.7)

2 in turnovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12.3)


3 in points allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (103.9)

11 in opponent points in paint (44.5)

19 in opponent fastbreak points (12.1)

10 in defensive efficiency!!

19 in opponent shooting % (45.8%)

18 in opponent three point % (35.3%)

16 in opponent two point % (52.2%)

28 in blocks (4.0)

21 in steals (7.1)

14 in opponent assists (23.9)

16 in opponent turnovers (13.9)

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Lord of the Rings: Return of the Klay

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