Looks like LeBron, Clutch and the Lakers are well positioned to put the Warrior's hand to the fire in negotiating with Draymond. That's a division rival doing its best to sabotage another team when they have no desire to actually pick Draymond up. Not that it couldn't happen, but does LeBron really want Dray on his team sucking up his media oxygen? I seriously doubt that.

Are there any other teams out there willing to play chicken with the Warriors that would make sense for Dray to go to?

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I'd be super interested to see what the split would be here if the only options were to ship #23 or #3. My guess from the comments might be as high as 25% for Dray to go.

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I had been looking for clear explanation of impact of exceeding the second apron with respect to draft picks, and the explanation linked below finally made sense to me.

*After* the end of upcoming season: "If the Warriors are a second-apron team in 24-25, 25-26, and 26-27, their 2032 first pick would be moved to the end of the first round". Exceeding the second apron this year does not have impact on draft pick position.

Also, can't trade a FRP anymore.


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Dream lineups (literally the lineups I thought they had next year then woke up.)






Draymond (got a 4x$22 in return for agreeing to come off the bench, and I don’t t know if he can sign for 4 yrs.)



Poole (returned to pre selfish form)



Dwight Howard

Big Mac McClung


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C'mon man, stop with the nonsense


To say kuminga doesn't have the offensive versatility to play the 3 is crazy. This is at 20 years old in an end of the year important playoff seeding game. You can not deny the potential whatsoever

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By all accounts, we can expect little to no changes to the roster. This is what I came away with from the Lacob/DunDun chat. They like our team the way it is. LMFAO. Really? They liked our road record, the disconnection between core and punching bag, the frustration of Kuminga not getting playing time? I guess they've made their bed and must lie in it. When you are thwarted by the financial penalties that the Warriors face, what else can you do but love the one you're with, says Crosby, Stills, & Nash. So, we'll add a draft pick and pick up a few vet mins. Isn't that what we've always done?

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Shaun Livingston leaving the Front Office as we’re hoping to find his replacement through the draft lol

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A reminder to us all: public speech by front office officials with regard to player acquisitions or transactions has no value.

Alas. They do, indeed, lie all the time, or at least tell partial truths. It’s part of their job.

“We see him as exciting part of our future for a decade to come” means … ?

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I can go either way, but for those hoping Dray will move on, at least for today, one day at a time, he's not on the team. It may be short-lived, so better put your feet up and light a stogie. Enjoy it while you can.

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Kawakami quote: They’ll consider all options, but the working premise is that it’d take some whopper offers for them to consider moving Poole and/or Kuminga.

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Did this get shared on here?


Must be giving Joey Lightyears a huge err... banyama 🍌

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In case you wanted something to worry about that is probably minor but could feel bigger than that:


Source: Shaun Livingston will not be with the Warriors next season. He spent the last three seasons in the front office as director of players affairs and engagement

The decision was Livingston’s to spend more time with family. Livingston won’t be living in the Bay Area


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On the Beal trade, it feels to me like one part new owner getting excited; one part bargain shopping with a team that had painted itself into a corner; and one part shrewd, aggressive response to a belief that the conference now runs through Denver—which a lot of folks have been reluctant to acknowledge.

Thing about Denver is that while they're clearly not a juggernaut on the level of the Durant Warriors, they do present an unusual challenge because their offensive attack is so totally unfazed by playoff defense. Miami played them the best of any team in this year's playoffs, and the Nuggets still managed an offensive rating over 115. (That was the only series where they didn't *exceed* their regular season ORtg). Compare that to last year's champion W's, who absolutely torched Dallas and Denver, but saw their Ortg drop by ten points or more against Memphis and Boston; or, if you prefer, compare it to the 2015 W's, who never matched their regular season ORtg in any playoff series).

That doesn't mean Denver is unstoppable by any means (nor that they're as good a team overall as those Warrior champs). But in order to beat them in a 7 game series, you're going to have to score at a borderline elite level *even if* you're defending really well (which you also must do). In other words, the minimum threshold for offensive efficiency against them is just really, really high. The list of teams that can clear it in a playoff context is likely to be short. Phoenix may well have put themselves on it, and while I think the Beal trade makes sense on its face, it makes even more in that context.

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Alc just mentioned that our #2 prospect, Jordan Hawkins is a generational system fit. Apparently, they run a lot of Dubs' sets for him @ UConn. He thinks he would slot right in and make an impact immediately.

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Honestly, if we're going to move JP3 for a Suns player, I'd kinda prefer Ayton. I'd prefer to pin my hopes on the possibility that Ayton just needs a new coach and a change of scenery to unlock his potential.

In that scenario, obv. TJ or RR would have to take a big step up to become backup PG.

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Why am I so not excited for this Dubs' offseason? It really feels like they're kinda stuck in a rut and the only potential improvement next season has to be internal? I get that JP3 could be traded, but what could be brought back that would be more helpful than JP was this last season unless they package JK or more of the youth movement, which makes me sad. OTOH, it seems like just not enough to pin my hopes on improvements from the youth brigade.

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