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Honestly the technical foul thing could and should be cleaned up so easily. It should be a massive penalty to talk back to an official. Just shut up and play. You can get a tech for arguing with an opponent. Fine, it happens. But there is no benefit to the players, the fans, the game flow, the refs, the league for a player to bitch about calls. Complain at all? Kicked out. Do it again? Suspended ten games. Games would go faster, players could focus on playing. This whole myth of "because he got a tech that inspired the team" (coach or player) would I utterly bet not hold up to any statistical analysis. Giving away a point is not a rational choice unless you're convincingly persuaded that the team will respond with an additional two points. I doubt that's true. It's like the Dixie Chicks were once famously shouted at: "Shut up and sing!"

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Ok GT will go live in about 20 minutes. LETS GOOOOOOOO

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> Just landed in Cleveland. Here is the Bucks’ injury report for Sunday:

> OUT:

Grayson Allen (left hip soreness), George Hill (right abdominal strain)

Luca Vildoza (coach’s decision)

> Doubtful:

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Brook Lopez

Khris Middleton

Bobby Portis



Bucks seemingly trying to lose to have a chance to avoid a first round matchup with the Nets. If they are successful and lose, the Warriors would only have to go 1-1 to have home court advantage against the Bucks/Sixers/Celtics in a potential Finals series.

Bad news for those who wanted a slightly higher draft pick though.

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Usually I like the art work, but in this article Draymond looks like a monster lol

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Embiid just dropped 41 and 20 on 14-17. That seems like rather efficient shooting. If I were an MVP voter I might be tempted to give him, Giannis and Jokic each a third of the vote because it really is damn close. Each of them if losing the MVP can say "I really don't know what more I'm supposed to do around here."

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Good news: Warriors defensive efficiency is #1 and tied with the Celtics according to ESPN Hollinger team stats.

Bad news: Warriors offensive efficiency has fallen to #15 in the league.

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Crazy how the Warriors would still be in contention for the #1 seed in the East.

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Spurs stats:


8 in points scored!!!!!! (113.3)

2 in points in paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (53.5)

9 in fastbreak points!!!! (13.6)

17 in offensive efficiency

14 in shooting % (46.7%)

17 in three point % (35.3%)

21 in two point % (52.7%)

10 in off. rebound % ! (23.9%)

25 in def. rebound % (75.1%)

18 in total rebound % (49.5%)

23 in opponent blocks (5.0)

11 in opponent steals (7.4)

1 in assists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (28.1)

6 in turnovers!!!!!!!!!! (12.8)


23 in points allowed (113.0)

26 in opponent points in paint (50.3)

10 in opponent fastbreak points!! (11.8)

16 in defensive efficiency

19 in opponent shooting % (46.6%)

20 in opponent three point % (35.9%)

14 in opponent two point % (52.8%)

9 in blocks!!! (5.0)

13 in steals (7.6)

10 in opponent assists! (23.9)

14 in opponent turnovers (13.8)

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Klay is out tonight, apparently....??

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I like the plan to make San Antonio the final tune-up and to rest more guys against the Pels. It's all a crapshoot in terms of the draw. No use trying to get too strategic. The road to the finals is likely to go through Memphis and Phoenix anyway. There's always the possibility that Minnesota, LAC, or Dallas gets hot and knocks out one of them -- which I could easily live with.

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Do the technical counts in the regular season get reset in the playoffs.

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How different is playing guys like Klay, Iggy and OPJ limited minutes for 2 games in a back-to-back vs. playing one game and sitting the other? As an example, Klay’s been averaging over 33 minutes/game over his last five games. Assuming he’s feeling ok, would playing ~15/game over the final two games really be that bad?

Related, is there any thought to playing everyone in the first half and then start sitting guys in the 2nd half if the game appears to be in hand (as it should be with all the guys SAS is sitting) with the idea of making them available against NOP. This would also allow them to sit everyone in question if the Warriors screw the pooch and actually lose the game today.

To me, this makes sense logically if it doesn’t screw with players’ bodies or heads.

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Spurs got lots of guys sitting tonight: Murray, Poeltl, Johnson, McDermott, and Vassell. Looks like they’re resting guys tonight and playing tomorrow.

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Do I have this right? Did Luka Doncic, in the last stretch of a reasonably important surge for higher playoff seeding, just get his 16th T and become ineligible for his team's last game? Is that correct? Is it a big deal? Is it kind of hilarious?

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Don’t ever apologize for being on vacation :)

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BR’s MIP ranking:


P.S. I am a Sabrina’s assistant. 🙂

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