Jordan Poole on Klay, Marquese Chriss, getting dunked on + MORE!

Wow. I just got done watching a 43-minute Zoom live-chat (embedded below at the bottom) called “The Buster Show” starring Buster Scher, founder of Hoops Nation, which has nearly one million followers on his Instagram page @hoopsnation.

Worth. Every. Minute. (Especially during a pandemic.)

Scher had NBA up-and-comers Jaren Jackson, Jr. of the Memphis Grizzlies, Jaxson Hayes of the New Orleans Pelicans, our very own Jordan Poole of the Golden State Warriors and Dan Solomon, a young new stylist in the league for various players including the aforementioned.

The best part for me had to be about Klay Thompson. Hayes, who seems like a really cool guy to hang out with — actually all these kids seem fun to hang out with — brought up seeing the Klay rendition of the cover of NBA2K, dubbed “NBA2Klay”:

Then Poole interjects with a comparison to his own nonchalant style, “He’s a clown! He’s a character! Y’all think I don’t care? Oh my God, he’s a different dude…he don’t care!”

They bring up the time Klay dressed out in full game gear, plus headband, and shot around before a game at Chase Center. ICYMI, I was there for that and uploaded what I could before Thompson yelled at anyone who was filming; then I proceeded to film more from upstairs (two YouTube embeds 👇):

I should say, coming in a close second on funniest moment of the Zoom-chat for Warriors fans was the debate on who would be first to win a championship ring. Poole gave props to Steph, referring to Curry as “30”, and then Klay, which segued into the NBA2Klay talk.

Here are some other fun moments from the Zoom-chat, again linked below — I’ll be placing these timestamps in the comments of the YouTube, which will make it easier for Warriors fans to click straight to. NOTE: “JP” is obviously Poole, “JH” is Hayes and “JJJ” is Jackson.

5:00 Welcome-to-the-NBA moment for JP: “Dame gave us 60” (no individual moment)

5:30 JJJ gives props to Oracle for his welcome-to-the-NBA moment, which was last year and Kevin Durant on the floor: “loud as hell”

6:00 JJJ said Durant, “saw my shoes (and) crossed me”

6:15 Jaxson’s welcome-to-the-NBA moment was against the Warriors and Stephen Curry

8:40 Jaxson ordered “seven rock shrimps” 😂 at a dinner amongst the group during NBA Summer League in Las Vegas

21:00 JJJ/JH toughest cover: Steven Adams of the Oklahoma City Thunder

23:00 Scher’s next question: “Who dunked on you?”

23:30 Poole can’t remember but Hayes reminds him: “Brandon Ingram” 😂

23:45 Hayes says that Ingram dunk on Poole became the Pelicans’ end of their hype video for every game 😂

24:45 JP: “Quese (Marquese Chriss) be dunking everybody.”

25:00 JH on Chriss: “He’s super-athletic”

26:00 Solomon on JP’s wide-ranging musical tastes: “he hit every vibe”

28:15 JP’s cat appears

30:30 Poole plays it coy on crediting his parents raising him: “I grew up in the woods. I raised myself.” 😂

34:00 JP has too many favorite movies to mention

35:45 When JP got drafted, he left the room (?)

37:00 JP and JJJ are both represented by CAA (Creative Artists Agency), whereas JH is by BDA Sports

37:15 JP advice to players coming into the NBA

39:45 They argue about who will be the first to get a championship ring

40:45 JJJ claims that there is only “one basketball” for the Warriors next season, regarding the return of Klay.

41:30 JP: “y’all know why I’m here”

42:00 JH: saw Klay rendition NBA2Klay cover

42:10 JP on his first-hand experience with Klay: “He’s a clown, he’s a character. Y’all think I don’t care? Omg he’s a different dude”

43:00 “he don’t care”/savage


TELL US IN THE COMMENTS WHAT YOUR FAVORITE PARTS WERE 👇 (I’ll insert our favorite clip soon after this posts)