USA defeats Jordan 110 to 62.

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Okay so work was crazy last week and I missed some FIBA. And hoo boy, Dario Šarić highlights are lit!

Cross court lobs for the dunk, no-look one-handed passes through traffic to the cutter, back-to-back 3s, drives through traffic to finish hard in the paint, posting up and muscling to the rim, high arching mid-range shots (??), solid perimeter and paint defense??? Like, what more can you expect from a stretch-4?

3 minutes of your life. Just watch some Dario Šarić and you’ll be glad you did. Imagine him throwing those pinpoint lobs to a soaring Kuminga for the dunk. And then imagine CP3 finding Šarić on the wing for an open 3. Then imagine Šarić working in the post and finding Moody cutting baseline to the rim.


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No Wiseman.


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There's talk on the street, it sounds so familiar

Great expectations, everybody's watching you

People you meet they all seem to know you

Even your old friends treat you like you're something new

Jonny Kum Lately

The new kid in town

Everybody loves you

So don’t let them down…

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Random thought. I wonder how long it will be until the NBA or NBA + other league team up to make their own streaming app that is the only source for content.

They could have their cake and eat it too. I would pay for such a service and ads are baked into the game, so they could make the ad revenue directly.

Seems inevitable at this point.

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If this man ties up one of our 2-ways or worse yet a roster spot, I’m going to be irked.

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McGee has officially been waived by the Mavericks.

He hasn't waived back yet. Hopefully soon. In a Warriors uni.

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Love Jonny, he oozes potential and is an exciting player. He has come a good way in his second year and I think he will improve enough in his third year to stay on the court. Rooting for the kid.

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[OT] I invented a NEW Pick And Roll Defense | BBallBreakdown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mA5C-43ifbA

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Man Canada looking like the Warriors circa 2017-2019. Falls behind early, hits a switch, blows out opponents. Good for them.

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Noah Lyles on the NBA “World Champions”, did folks already share their thoughts on here?

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OT: A reminder that the Dubs only have one available first-round pick (2028). and just a few second-round picks.

How the heck do the Dubs replenish the war chest?

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My answer before we set our roster was Trade him Immediately. My answer now that our roster is set is “I have no idea” I’m leaning towards him getting inconsistent minutes and being shipped off next offseason at a much lower value but wouldn’t be surprised if he carves himself out a niche in the rotation. I will say that unlike my feelings on Moody, if Kuminga ends up being shipped out its because he just couldn’t quite find a role with Kerr not because I think hes a bad player.

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Admittedly, I find myself hoping for a roster experiment that sometimes includes Steph, Klay, Wiggins, Kuminga and Green.

This would require answers to Kuminga’s most pressing questions (imo):

1. Is Kuminga's midrange and perimeter shooting legit? Klay seems to think so, but we’ll see.

2. Can Kuminga operate off-ball and within the ‘system’? Most highlights rightly show Kuminga’s solid on-ball defense, and flashes of firepower with the ball in his hands. Draymond notes that Kuminga’s on-ball defense as something to build around, paired with his driving and scoring potential, but we’ve all seen him looking lost and passive off-ball (on both ends).

3. Who’s minutes are gonna suffer when Kuminga answers questions 1 & 2 in the affirmative??

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Interested to see what happens this year for Kuminga in his age 21 season. For a lot of young developmental wings (Kawhi, Paul George, Jaylen Brown) who eventually became stars 21 was NOT the breakthrough year to a star. But it was a significant developmental year where they became full fledged rotation guys.

If Kuminga is forcing Kerr's hand to play him 25+ minutes a night that will be a great sign for his potential upside. And that's where the responsibility lies in my opinion. With Kuminga.

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