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Having nothing better to do, I'm evaluating the coming year based on whether a player is likely to get better, worse, or stay the same. For players not on the team previously, it's in comparison to a player I'm deciding they replace. Wiseman is based on two years ago. For last year's rookies, I'm assuming more playing time. Klay is compared to himself in the year just played. Here are my opinions, open to hearing yours.

Likely to improve notably: Poole, Wiggins, Klay, Kuminga, Moody

Likely to improve some: Donte (over GPII. So controversial. See below), Looney, Wiseman??

Likely to be the same: Steph; Baldwin and Rollins, (because they aren't likely to do much)

Likely to decline some: Draymond

Likely to decline notably: Iguodala if on team, Jamaychal (comp. to OPJ)

Apologia to GPII: His best skill will not be replaced -- on ball defense -- but Donte plays defense very well and is a notable improvement on offense. A different role, but ... I'll duck now....

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Warriors @ Spurs 2016 2nd to last game of the season popped up on my youtube feed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKKjgm2tTeY. A little overshadowed by win #73 and then the Finals loss, and by the Spurs flaming out against the Thunder, but this was a win over a Spurs team that:

- was 39-0 at home (finished 40-1)

- had the best point differential in the league (neck and neck with the Warriors)

- ended up winning 67 games

- featured prime Kawhi Leonard

And it was on the back end of a back to back in Memphis that the Warriors squeaked out by only a point.

A lot of memories here, Steph with some ridiculous shots; my favorite being near the end of the game starting at 20:23 that leaves the (Spurs) announcers in awe.

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(This it is ties to some of the discussion down thread.)

If the team does hope to develop and get more minutes out Moody, Kuminga and Wiseman, aren’t THEY the designated replacements for Porter and Beli? And if that’s the case, would that make JMG more if JTA replacement/insurance policy?

They have so much more money, draft capital and future planning invested in those guys that it seems they wouldn’t have that much planned for him, despite what Kerr said.

It’ll be interesting to see if this becomes an internal thing between Kerr and ownership.

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After looking more in depth at JMG’s profile, I’m a little less excited about his fit with the Warriors!

While on the surface he looks like an excellent fit given his 3 pt shooting, rebounding, defense there are some definite concerns! For one, his passer rating is terrible (19th percentile) while his shot quality is also terrible (34th percentile) indicating a lack of smart shot taking! Furthermore, his rim protection stats are terrible (6th percentile) indicating that his comparatively better block percentage is nothing but empty calories and creates significant questions about his ability to play effectively at the center position for the Warriors!

To summarize, with this added context, JMG seems to be a player whose a decent 3 pt shooter/good rebounder who is a terrible passer/takes questionable shots/provides no genuine rim protection but provides some value through defensive versatility!

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I already like this guy (JMG). He sounds like he knows his role pretty well and should be a fine addition.

I love that Kerr reached out to him personally and won him over. This is a good sign.

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I have always felt strongly JMG has dug-in deep in the NBA trenches for years, fighting and hustling and always working hard for rebounds, steals, blocks, and doing all manner of determinately-doggish deeds, indeeds, if needs be. He has always seemed a consummate professional on the teams for which he's played, no matter his role. I see him working as a veteran w Ron Adams et al. on footwork, having rebound competitions in games with Draymond, and him, Steph, Klay, Poole, and ? having 3-pt shooting contests after practice! I'm trying/failing real hard not walking around with a sheepish grin, thinking of JK, JW, or PBJ flying in for a ferocious dunk fed by a brilliant no-look pass from, say, Ryan Rollins, or McClung??? #thechamps #warriorsinvitational #dnhqrulesok?

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Always liked JMG. I’ve named him as a FA target for like the past three years lol, so it’s awesome to finally get to see him as a Dub. Makes my heart mend a bit from the pain of losing Wilt - I mean OPJ.

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Did he promise to be a dog or a dawg? It makes all the difference.

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Not really OT in an open thread, here's a nice mainstream press article about the move to return the Sonics to Seattle: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/aug/02/seattle-supersonics-nba-departure-basketball

I was wondering how divisions and conferences would re-align if we got expansion teams in Seattle and Las Vegas.

- Seattle/Portland/Utah/Sactown/Minnesota -

- Warriors/LV/Clippers/Lakers/Phoenix -

- Spurs/Rockets/Mavs/Nuggets/OKC -

Grizzlies or Pelicans move to the East? What about the one that stays in the West? 4-Team divisions would more sense.

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DDV + JMG + Wiseman > GP2 + OPJ + Beli

I think my math is right, and this doesn’t include anticipated progress from Poole, Moody and Kuminga, nor does it include the anticipated fewer games missed by Steph, Klay and Dray. Warriors are in great shape. If everyone can stay healthy, I’d pick them over the field were I a betting man.

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I'm wondering if JMG might be insurance for the possibility that the Dubs can't get a deal done with Draymond and he opts out next summer. Not that anyone can actually replace Draymond but the economics are what they are.

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Great interview with JMG. Excellent attitude and personality. I liked how he said that he "smiled a lot" after talking to Steve Kerr and thinking about possibly joining the Dubs. If he is healthy he will be an awesome backup 4/5.

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Hmmm, I don’t normally support navy as a Warriors color, but I think these are hella handsome…


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Guys... I have bad news. We lost ANOTHER hypothetical series. Can this team just win ONE? PLEASE?

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I'm feeling pretty confident about this roster's chances of defending the title. We'll see what our youngins bring but it feels good to know we're legit 8 deep without including any kids that can't drink yet.

By the way, did DDV ever get a legit introduction press conference? I just remember the phone clips of him standing in front of some wall.

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