James Wiseman's trainer David Alexander: "He'll be Rookie of the Year"

Alexander believes Dub Nation has a future Hall of Famer center in the Bay ("he'll surpass David Robinson and Anthony Davis").

Our guy Poor Man’s Commish invited James Wiseman’s trainer, David Alexander, for a wide-ranging draft night conversation. Alexander is an elite NBA trainer who has helped LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Donovan Mitchell, and Chris Paul among others. He’s originally from the Bay Area and currently runs DBC Fitness in Miami.

In our interview, he touched on several topics including how he helped Wiseman reengineer his body, Klay Thompson/Kevin Durant’s leg injuries, and how his family nearly turned on him for working with LeBron during the Warriors-Cavaliers rivalry.

He also makes the bold statement that Wiseman will not only be Rookie of the Year and a Hall of Famer, but that he’ll also one day surpass studs like David Robinson and Anthony Davis! Lofty expectations that I’m sure Dub Nation would love to see happen.

We took some clips from that draft night chat for your viewing pleasure.


  • 00:33 Analyzing Wiseman’s extreme work ethic

  • 02:14 How did Alexander help sculpt Wiseman’s body transformation during the pandemic?

  • 04:11 Can Wiseman pass in a Warriors motion offense?

  • 05:15 Alexander reveals he’s from the Bay Area and explains how he connected to Wiseman’s training regime

  • 07:51 Alexander confesses he believes Wiseman will surpass both David Robinson and Anthony Davis.

  • 11:42 Alexander dispels concerns about Wiseman’s plyometric ability and reaction time.

  • 13:31 Wiseman’s excitement to be a Warrior before the draft.

  • 14:54 Alexander reiterates his belief Wiseman is on track to be Rookie of the Year and a Hall of Fame.

  • 17:08 Alexander discusses his relationships with stars like LeBron James, Donovan Mitchell, and Chris Paul

  • 18:23 Discussing NBA contenders (before the Westbrook-Wall trade) and CP3 being capable of playing five more years

  • 22:58 Discussing injury patterns with Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant’s recent leg injuries (this was the day of the first Klay injury report, before it was discovered it was an Achilles injury)

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