"When you meet the Buddha in the road, kill him." If one is to attain enlightenment, at some point that one must let go of all desires to attain enlightenment. All year, the Warriors have been the Monk so obsessed with his goal of enlightenment, he can't find his own feet. They have been playing like they are waiting for the spirit of last year to suddenly enter their bodies and lead them to victories. I see a team gripping the past so hard they can't hold onto the ball that is in their hands today, here and now. Last year was a bookend, it was an ending. They will not find the light until they extinguish that old flame and sit in darkness and face their own mortality. The 4 Championship Warrior's team is standing in the road between our team today and any future enlightenment (or good defense). "When you meet the Championship team in the road, kill it." The desire to be that which has past will lead, as one Sage once told me, to a horrible free throw disparity.

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Was traveling during the trade deadline but I am grateful they traded Wiseman and cut their losses. Think he has to go down as the most disastrous pick in Warrior history given the stakes and the production, no?

I have never believed in the "you are mortgaging the future by trading Wiseman" takes, honestly I think the future looks better now without him. I like both PBJ and Kuminga better as big men prospects and he would have cut into their playing time. Also in the immediate future they can improve their backup center position which would have been great these past few seasons.

Also I think the Warriors had to go through with the trade because Wiseman's value was only going to be lower in the offseason, I'm sure part of the appeal for the Pistons is that starting Wiseman down the stretch of the season will help them tank for Wembanyama.

The worst thing that could have happened to Wiseman was the Warriors drafting him (except in terms of his bank account), so it's great that he's getting a shot on a franchise with less expectations and a simpler scheme. That said, I don't actually know if Detroit is a good spot for him? Duren is a way better center prospect and I don't think Wiseman enjoys going against his old rival Stewart that much. Maybe the practices against Stewart will force Wiseman to be less soft in his playing style? If that could happen he would get much, much better. Good luck, kid.

Lastly, hard for me to feel great about the trade though because I would have traded Wiseman in the summer and re-signed GP2 then. Could have had a healthier GP2 (since Celebrini>>>Portland's set of trainer geniuses) and also likely more than Bey or 5 second rounders. I do love me some Monday Morning QBing but this was my position back then too (https://dubnationhq.com/p/perks-on-2022-warriors-potential/comment/7473489 ). Oh well, I also would have dumped Poole before his second season so my lack of patience would not have paid off then.

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13 minutes again for JFK. Once GP2 gets back on the court, we won't have to see him again. Thank goodness. I can't stand all of that unbridled athletic ability.

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Vintage Klay on Wiseman ''Wiseman and me''...Poignant and spot-on. Thought it is important to share it...I think y'all understand when you hear it... AND much more postgame on win ''Bench won the game for us''...thoughts on DDV, TY, JMG, MENTORING, and ''looking forward to game'' vs Clips, ''love to play in that building''....5 min vid


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Now I know what Duby looks like, but who’s the dude in the glasses?

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To encourage more PIP next time they practise they need to make it 3pts for shots in the paint, 2pts for outside and 1pt beyond the arc. We will finally see the emergence of Wilt Chamberloon!

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Alex Espinoza IV


Ty Jerome said “Draymond kinda lit into us in a timeout. From there Donte was picking up full court, JK was picking up full court.”

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Let’s see, my favorite moments from the game:

Klay diving to the basket for a 2 hand slam.

Moody comes in, pulls a GP2 and takes the ball away from the Wiz, off and running.

Wiggins facing up and stopping Porzyngas. Some big boy defense.

Wiggins abusing defender after defender.

All kinds of crazy balls and players flying everywhere, turns into a DDV 3.

Klay draining it.

4th quarter, the answer to ‘where is scoring coming from?’ is LOONEY of course.

40 assists, and 50% 3 point shooting.

FT differential only -6.

JMG playing ok. Not missing layups or 3s. Proving my doubts wrong!

Wizards never giving up, even down a bunch with 2 minutes to go and Warriors don’t crumble. YAY!

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Cool picture, Triple D, and rad that your kid got a shirt!

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Thoughts on the game (I was napping through the 4th):

1) Moody came in and made an instant impact to the good. Wider base on D and way better balance an movement. His length is a killer tapped a ball for the rebound over Porzingas I believe.

2) when you score on a Keystone cops sequence, it might be your night.

3) Klay is still channeling his inner Steph (including being bad vs the Lakers, but he forgot that’s only at Staples.)

4) Attacking the paint is good!

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Curry and GP2 on the bench putting the joy back into the team.

One thing this team needs is better vibes going forward. GP2 adds to that even when he's injured.

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You've been voted captain of a lifeboat with dwindling supplies. You have one seat left in the boat but one too many people. You can throw either Ty Jerome or Anthony Lamb overboard. What do you d --

Wait! Complication! Dario Saric and Kevin Love are treading water by the sharks. You can pull one in and put him in the empty seat, tossing Lamb and Jerome overboard. What do you d --

Wait! Complication! You could also throw Andre overboard, although you've just fed him a lot of your remaining food and you remember that he actually built this boat. You could throw him overboard, making two empty seats to be taken by any two of Jerome, Lamb, Love, or Saric.

What do you do?

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Here's a highlight of the final possession by the Mavs where the Wolves defense discombobulated Kyrie and Luka.


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Talk about a team effort! 7 Dubs players had 4 or more assists tonight, and Dubs had 40 total.

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Feb 14, 2023·edited Feb 14, 2023

I loved, loved, loved the repeated head tap attack. I’m gonna call it Canadian Water Drop Torture

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Klay excited about playing tomorrow.

Anthony Slater


Klay Thompson expects to play tomorrow in a back-to-back for the first time: “Yes. I’m so excited.”

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