Isaiah Thomas, Quinn Cook, Avery Bradley: emergency scouting

Recognizable names coming in to workout for GSW

The Warriors are still looking for a big and two guards for training camp:

We also covered Darren Collison back in

but nothing seems to have come from it.

My impression is that the Warriors are only extending invitations to fight for a spot in training camp unless someone blows them away.

But at this point, if you are randomly trying out for the Warriors, you are probably not stunning people in workouts, because if you were, then the Lakers or Nets probably already grabbed you for their All-Ring-Chaser teams.

Players can surely be overlooked, but their contributions may not pop in a workout.

Isaiah Thomas

From Basketball-Reference:

He would be a wonderful player to pull for. He was undersized and underrated his whole career, became an electric All-Star level attacker (and gave a lot back on defense, being 5’ 9”). He led the Celtics into the playoffs and played through his sister’s death and his own injuries, and left it all out on the court. And then the Celtics dumped him. He hasn’t found a stable situation since.

Here is his profile from 2019-20, his last serious minutes in the NBA.

Quinn Cook

Quinn was a Warrior in the dynasty years, and played himself from undrafted into being a useful piece on a championship-level team.

From Basketball-Reference:

I think of him as more of a spot-up shooter and motion offense attacker, but the BBall-Index scouting report from his LAL days in 2019-20 says he can attack 1-on-1. Which I didn’t really see in the GSW days.

In this old video of mine, Cook did pour in a bunch of points running the PNR and punishing the drop defense.

Here is the scouting report from 2019-20, his last year with real minutes.

Avery Bradley

He once had a rep as a tenacious guard defender who could hit a jumper.

From Basketball-Reference:

He bounced around last season, but here is his scouting from LAL 2019-20. We may be hitting some small sample size issues, because like with Quinn Cook above, I don’t think of Avery as someone who can just go one-on-one and get a bucket. But the Perimeter D and Perimeter Shooting ring true.

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