Instant Trade Grab Bag 10. Ben Simmons, yes or no? & Open Thread

The vultures are dive bombing Big Ben

The Vultures

After Ben Simmons had a bad 2021 playoffs, the vultures are circling for his head.

The GOLDEN Vultures

And of course, with a lot of Dub Nation proclaiming that GSW should “push all their chips in” and “not waste Steph’s prime”, people immediately started thinking about whether to get him to GSW.

The Specific Trade Proposals

Pretty much the only two possible direct trades for Ben Simmons would have at a core trading one of Draymond Green or Andrew Wiggins.

I took the instant temperature on Wiggins for Simmons, and Dub Nation says, heck NO.

Draymond for Ben Simmons makes more sense from a fit and youth (Ben is 25) perspective. (Hard to imagine Draymond and Simmons on court at the same time given their unscary shooting.)

But, Draymond has been the fire of the team for years. He is not great at 3s or FTs but he will shoot them unlike Ben, and he’s still a genius defender and passer.

It’s hard for me to imagine Daryl Excel Morey selling low on Simmons, so I don’t think this happens. But, it’s on everyone’s mind.

Also complicating the picture is the Warriors indeed got #7 and #14 picks in the draft, so you figure at least one of those is tradeable.

What’s your take?