As I said in the game thread, Wiggs is indispensable to our team, now. I am officially shelving any trade talks involving him. I don't see anything in our way now to the Championship Ring. I would still like to see Draymond off the bench, though. Game 4 would be the perfect one to experiment with however, OPJ will probably be out and he is an important body in our playoff rotation. It's possible that OPJ doesn't get signed for next season because of his fragility and he's not old. The NBA is ruled by high flying, athletic players who can stay on the floor. Looney, who used to be hurt all the time, has somehow survived the last 2 seasons unscathed. Great news for us, bad news for Iggy and OPJ. We've got no one to fill OPJ's minutes. This is where Draymond would fit in so well if he only worked on his scoring game and became a double/double leader once again. Maybe too late for this old dog to learn any new tricks like keeping his mouth shut.

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Sweet! In that dunk It also looks like Wiggins is going out of his way in kind of an awkward self-wrapping motion to keep his arm in to avoid excessive contact. Completely not a foul.

On another note, I think flops should be assessed technicals, not monetary fines. Maybe a technical and Barkley laughs at you for a minute while they play your flop on replay in a loop for a minute on the Jumbotron. Right now people flop because there’s something to gain, with essentially zero downside.

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MT2 on Wiggins’ dunk—and s/o to Luka for keeping it real ($)

“It was so vicious that referee Marc Davis called Wiggins for an offensive foul after Dončić crumbled to the floor like he was assaulted. The Warriors challenged the ruling on behalf of basketball, because the sport could not stand for such an epic dunk being negated by thespianism.

“That was impressive,” Dončić said. “I’m not going to lie. I saw the video again, I was like, ‘Ooooh.’ That was pretty incredible. I wish I had those bunnies.’ ”


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On a bad ankle!

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Regarding Mav's non-playing bench being dicks, NBA is trying but Mavs/Mark Cuban DGAF.



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Before the series I wondered if Curry would look stronger as his foot heals from his injury.

Well, Mavs defense is certainly no Memphis, but I'll say Curry looking like he's getting better as the playoffs go on.

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“[Kerr’s] been an incredible coach to play for in these situations. He and his coaching staff prepare us for everything. … It feels a lot like I felt at Michigan State. There was not going to be a team that comes into a game more prepared than us. Especially not in the NCAA Tournament. That’s how I feel with Steve.”

Link ($): https://theathletic.com/3327978/2022/05/23/warriors-mavericks-steph-curry-steve-kerr/

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Looks like Dray has 3 techs - one each in:

Nuggets G4

Mavs G2

Mavs G3

So he has three more to go to get to precipice of suspension (7 techs and you miss a game)

Am I missing any?

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Draymond Green: “Being one win away from the NBA Finals means absolutely nothing.”


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Also: acknowledgements where due, I doubted the team tonight. I thought Dallas would shoot better at home and I figured we'd have at least one stinker before this series is over. I still think it's likely that game 4 is a punt (err, "free swing" on the way to more home game $$$) but I am happy to admit that our guys totally exceeded my expectations for this game.

Now, here's hoping the free swing is a home run and we get lots of rest while the Eastern Conference war of attrition rages. A gentleman's sweep would be acceptable, too, but anything beyond that is a big disappointment. You have to actually play the games, after all, and there's a first time for everything—sooner or later, a reverse sweep will happen in the NBA. So here's hoping the team keeps their eyes on the task in front of them until it's done and we don't have to worry about that being us.

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Maple Sprewell in effect.

Can't wait to see him stare somebody down.

Alpha-mode active.

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If the WCF MVP were announced today who would lift the Ervin 'Magic' Johnson trophy?

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Those Mavs legs are shot defending and running after our boys. No lift on their 3s.

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