The Ringer's latest mock update has us taking Podz: https://nbadraft.theringer.com/mock-draft

Coulibaly goes 9, Lively 11, Bufkin 12, Hood-Schifino 13.

Cason Wallace drops to 16, Leonard Miller past us down to 22.

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2024/25: The Last Splash

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With Meyers gone, I'm afraid Kerr is going to have more influence on the FO. I know everyone is afraid of Joe Lacob being more involved in player personnel decisions, but at this point, I'm not sure if that's a bad thing. I feel like Kerr would follow LeBron's scorched Earth playbook for roster construction if it was up to him.

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If there is any leg to these Kuminga rumors, count me in the minority but I would love Ausar Thompson with Orlandos 6th pick in exchange for Poole, Kuminga, our 19th obviously and taking back any of their fluff for salary cap matching purposes. I am a big believer in that kid. Everyone else outside Ausar and the Top 3 and id rather keep JK

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The Kuminga rumors could mean a few things (assuming it's not just speculation, an attempt to guage interest, etc):

- The Warriors think Lively (or someone else) is a game-changer. (definitely not impossible, but they would have to be 100% convinced that a rookie would help them get back to the top, and soon)

- They're going to trade (probably Poole) for someone (OG? even KAT?), and the team will only engage is the pick is in the top 8-12. (More likely, but would require a team to want to make a big change, and get worse in the short-term).

- They're going to do something truly crazy, like attempting to trade into the top 5. (Would be nuts, but also very entertaining. Fortunately, not too likely).

I'd definitely prefer to (mostly) run it back, but any of those scenarios would at least shake up the draft (and the off-season).

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It's very simple. Draymond opts in this year. Next year, he and Klay sign "no-trade, vet minimum" deals. This is not a reflection on their worth, but a "FU" to the league, a "thank you" to the organization and a statement about the value of togetherness over raw dollars. Maybe make them heavily "unlikely" incentivized - which doesn't count against the cap. They'll make it up in legacy and endorsements.

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Jun 15·edited Jun 15

Alc loves Lively and proposes this trade (assuming they do want to move up):

Kuminga to Utah for Rudy Gay and the 9th pick to take Lively


And they keep 19, not part of the trade

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A highly rare Ryan Rollins update:


> Warriors guard Ryan Rollins told @kron4news on Wednesday that he is fully recovered from foot surgery (jones fracture) and is back to scrimmaging.

> He will be ready for summer league which begins July 3rd in Sac. Says his focus will be defense and playmaking.

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I said this last season and will say it again for this upcoming season, having a hungry vet or two ring chasing is key to keeping the team hungry for a championship.

Down with the youth but this season needs an Otto, Barbosa, or west kind of figure.

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Potential Trade Idea

Pistons trade Bojan Bogdonavic and Isaiah Stewart for Poole.

Warriors don’t lose any scoring punch with Bojan who can provide very solid spacing and get some big depth with Stewart being a lunch pail type guy who can drop 10 pts and 8 rebounds along with some toughness. We were a little too soft and lacked physicality last year for my liking.

The Pistons get Poole to pair alongside Ivey and Cunningham and Wiseman to form a very interesting young core. Poole and Cunningham would be the instant leaders on that team.

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I rewatched Game 6 of last year's Finals last night. Amazing how much more locked-in and connected the team seemed to be, especially on defense. It was almost uncanny: same cogs, totally different machine. And the guys on the bench were having the time of their lives. All despite several moments of the precise kind that would have knocked the '23 team off kilter (some bad shots from Klay; a rushed, no-chance 2-for-1 attempt by Poole to end the first half). They were so much more resilient.

Also, huge contributions from Otto Porter and GPII in that game.

No larger point to make here, I guess, which admittedly begs the question why I'm posting it :) I guess I just found it clarifying of the challenge for this offseason. It's such a dynamic system they're trying to rebalance, and the team is at once so near and so far. Big changes might be needed (e.g. trading Poole), but smaller ones could also ramify into far greater consequence (redistribute a few minutes, add the right vet...) I keep picturing poor Dunleavy at a sound mixing board, or revising a sonnet or something.

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Does anyone else remember when Denver was trying to figure out what to do with both Nurkic and Jokic and there were arguments to keep Nurkic?

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I guess I'm going to have to resign myself to the fact that Lively isn't dropping to 19. #10 in the newest Givony mock draft, #10 on Vecenie's big board.

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As rivals begin reaching out to the Wizards to explore possibility of trading for All-Star guard Bradley Beal, president Michael Winger and Beal’s agent Mark Bartelstein of Priority Sports are staying in close contact to discuss scenarios presented to franchise.

After completing first season of a five-year, $251M contract, Beal’s unique standing as NBA’s only current player to have a no-trade clause negotiated into his deal gives him the ability to control not only possible destinations, but how a potential package to acquire Beal impacts his ability to play for a contender.


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Rico Hines is joining the 76ers as an assistant on Nick Nurse's coaching staff, sources tell ESPN. Hines had been a part of Nurse's staff with the Raptors. Hines is a former player development coach who has worked his way to a front-of-the-bench assistant.


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Super random but who was the last lefty to play for us? David Lee? Anthony Randolph? Acie Law? Marcus Williams?

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