Cosidering Deni some comparisons:

Mario Hezonja Barcelona Elite

Džanan Musa Cedevita Elite*

Alen Smail SC G-League

Chris Boucher Missasauga G-League

Džanan Musa Long Island G-League*

Cam Reddish Duke Top NCAA

DeAndre Hunter VA Top NCAA

Kevin Knox KY Top NCAA

Deyonta Davis MI State Top NCAA

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This is so great, Eric.

I like to play variations on this game. Say Chino Hills vs Guangdong Southern Tigers. Santa Cruz Warriors vs Real Madrid.

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Oct 27, 2020Liked by punk basketball

Curious where you would rate my "Over 40- Under 6 foot Co-ed Rec League experience"? I averaged a solid 3.2/0/4 one season. That's got to be on par with at least a "Christmas Day/Late Game between two underachieving teams" type of intensity right?

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This is what gives me qualms about Avdija; in the Euroleague, he wasn't especially good. If he is an elite prospect, it doesn't show up in the stats.

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So this means you now have "adjustment factor" formulas to convert season stats for any league to the expected equivalent stats for any other league, right? ;)

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That low ranking for the ABL is what I don't get about all the Ball hype. Even within the context of a generally softer field of competition, his numbers weren't that great. Some people who have looked a lot closer than I have don't seem very concerned by it though so I wonder what I'm missing here.

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Fascinating analysis. Love that NBA Playoffs numbers are separate from, and more predictive of higher numbers in the NBA regular season, than NBA regular season numbers themselves. That's good to know.

I also wonder how the comparisons will change over time. Presumably, the NCAA's ranking may change when the NBA rules allow draftees right out of high school again, since fewer top young prospects are spending an extra year in college just because they have to.

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