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I feel like this is a decent thread in which to remind everybody that James Harden has more made free throws in his career than made field goals. He's the only reasonably high-usage player in history to do that. Look at any other high-usage, high-scoring player, and that's the other way around (FGM>FTM), with a gap of thousands.

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If you're going to put Harden on this list you may want to add Chris Paul.

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If Harden were a Warrior, I probably couldn't be a Warriors fan. It's that bad.

Imagine trading out Curry for Harden. Ugh! Disaster. What would that do to Klay? (Actually, probably not a ton, 'cause Klay is good at being Klay. There certainly wouldn't be a 37 point quarter....or a 60 point 3-quarters)

But can you imagine the negative effect on Green? I love Green. But Green/Harden combo has a very real chance of being a toxic combination.

That poll didn't include me. Add one more to the "hope he sucks" side of the ledger.

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Surprised Well % is as high as it is, heh. Loved him in OKC w Durant and Westbrook. But ever since he became a Rocket, well, I'm no fan of the team, per se, but still recognize Harden's great skills despite his ofttimes less than stellar on-court work ethic. I love the new Warriors Villain category. Have fun with that one!!!

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