Heat subdue Warriors 116-109 in Miami

Wiggins had a hot start...but the good vibes couldn't last.

A fun first half of Golden State Warriors basketball slipped away on the road as the Miami Heat surged to a 116-109 victory.

Here’s some quotes from our poppin’ LGW gamethread along with some choice tweets.

1Q - Warriors 24, Heat 23

Daniel Hardee: How many triples does Wiggins have to hit before you all believe

The Sword of the Morning: Steph is the definition of warrior. There is no one in NBA history I’d rather have being the face of the franchise.

Sabrinasez: Bad ass comment. 🔥

Abbadon: Stephs ass is literally bad

Halftime - Heat 59, Warriors 54

OGG Gurl: Wiggs is ON FIRE 🔥

Juicy Jay: Andrew Thriggins

Belilaugh: Wiggins is a killer lol, what the (censored)

Arash: Curry is like "Is that you KD?"

3Q - Heat 86, Warriors 81

Servantofluna: 11-4 run to start the quarter for the Warriors. And the Heat counter with a 20-10 run.

Dan goutz: It's weird how quick a potential tie game can end up an 8 point deficit

Doublebang: There's times where "Wiseman only played three games in college" takes a whole new meaning. This is one of them.

Final - Warriors 116, Heat 109

TonyTown: Steph looking butt hurt but it may just be his butt hurts.

Alex: One of the big upsides for Chriss on this roster... Warriors need someone who will simply return the same physicality when they're getting punked with a lot of holds and swipes and refs are only calling things one way.

rcknfn: Lol.. Iggy on Steph 3.