Happy Birthday to Steph Curry!

While it might seem that there’s little to be happy about in the world today, Steph Curry turned 32 today and we have to take some time to celebrate that.

The Unanimous One, as The GoldBloodedKing might call him, has done plenty of good on the court, but I have always appreciated him most for his attention to matters in the world off the court. As an example, just last night he announced a donation to Alameda County Community Food Bank as Oakland has closed its public schools, which normally serve as a centralized location to feed our most vulnerable children.

As a teacher who just learned yesterday that I would be staying home for the next few weeks, I most appreciate this because it reflects my biggest concern as I was packing up to leave my classroom yesterday: the number of students who will be going without food, medical services, and/or mental health supports because their schools are closed. Everyone is scrambling to put contingency plans in action — including the many teachers nationwide who will be working during these closures to support their students as best they can — but there is little question that financial resources will be essential in this moment as we all rally to overcome this issue.

For me, I love that intersection of basketball and real world matters to the point that Steph’s tweet gave me a moment of hope as I had my students’ well-being on my mind last night. But for those that aren’t so moved by that, maybe you’ll appreciate what Drew Shiller of NBC Sports Bay Area caught: Steph claiming Oakland.

Normally, when I see someone claim a city they’re not really from, it’s kinda grating: like when people from New Jersey claim a New York City borough or someone from Grosse Point tried to claim Detroit. But when you’ve brought Oakland three championships, won two MVPs, and given us countless more memories after decades of despair … yeah, we can probably allow Steph to claim Oakland as his hometown without too much consternation.

And maybe it’s a little extra gratifying to hear that after there were rumors out of Charlotte that he could be persuaded to sign with the Hornets as a free agent a few years ago — this man is as big a part of Bay Area culture as anyone born here.

Happy 32nd birthday, Steph. We’re lucky to have you in the Bay Area.