I've been thinking about the contracts situation, and a possible solution came to my mind. I humbly hereby propose it to Joe Lacob.

Call a meeting, with:

- Bob Myers

- Steve Kerr

- Steph Curry

- Klay Thompson

- Draymond Green

- Andrew Wiggins

- Jordan Poole


- Andre Iguodala (because of his charisma and because he's a finance man)

- Kevon Looney (because he's the wisest)

, and in such meeting, PLAN TOGETHER the financial and sport matters, max contracts included, for the next 4 seasons.

Isn't that an idea? What do you think?

For name's sake, we will call it 'The fellowship of the Multiple Rings' (this should keep us patent-wise safe from that bully JR Tolkien guy)

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The Sky Phantom throwing down dunks never gets old

Klay Thompson's Strongest Career Dunks


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So if both players were willing, LeBron for Durant straight up. Who says no?

Personally I think it makes both teams better in the short run.

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Draymond lives in LA now? I never knew that

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He's cheaper than any vet minimum too right?

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I see this less as news and more as draft clean-up. Nothing has changed for Rollins since the draft other than medical exams. So, he gets signed. A serious bet by the W’s but not a surprise since they did draft the guys just a few weeks ago.

The big youth movement is under way! Thank you cap/tax for making the team go this route to fill out the roster. Hopefully some of at least a few of our kids will be good!

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I think it's been said before but:

George Hill measurements: 6'1.5 height 6'9 wingspan 180 lb (age 22)

Ryan Rollins: 6'2 height 6'10" wingspan 179 lb (age 20)

Sophomore year stats:

Hill: 35.1 MPG 18.9 PPG .518/.320/.798 6.0 RPG 3.6 APG 1.7 SPG 0.3 BPG

Rollins: 32.7 MPG 18.9 PPG .468/.311/.802 6.0 RPG 3.6 APG 1.7 SPG 0.3 BPG

It's uncanny! Even the difference in shooting percentage has mostly to do with Rollins attempting more 3's, bringing down his total average.

Hill stayed in school two more years. Hurt his junior year, and then was a much more efficient 3P shooter (.450) his senior year. We'll see if Rollins can progress the same way.

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Wolves sign Paschall to a two-way

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Jul 29, 2022Β·edited Jul 29, 2022

DNHQ site has in recent weeks been a good place to chime in on the Warrior careers of GPII, OPJ, Damion Lee, Looney. Perhaps it's coming soon, but I haven't seen a Nice Big Review of the short but thought-provoking Warrior stint of Juan Toscano-Anderson, so lets talk about the guy. (Sorry if I'm jumping the gun on the site reviewing him)

For me, I remember seeing him in warmups before the 2020-21 season and wondering who this guy was. I wasn't the only one, as even announcers seemed to have merely shaken his hand and didn't know much. Then he started filling in and here's what I learned: the guy is all energy all the time. He endeared himself to Dubs fans with crazy hustle, jumping over scorers' tables for loose balls, playing mean D, and, surprisingly, showed he could hit the 3. His backstory was perhaps one of the more inspirational and interesting of any player: a local fan who was never any kind of high draft pick, toiling away internationally, finally gets a chance with the Dubs and wears 95. Epic stuff. Coming into this year, I thought he'd grow some more and have a bigger role, but outside of the dunk competition, he had few highlights. Actually, he didn't have any in the dunk competition, either... and mostly lost his role on the team.

Then he got a contract and he's gone, and will be missed. How do you view his time as a Warrior?

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Jul 29, 2022Β·edited Jul 29, 2022

So with a total of $4.8M, assuming they bake in 8% yearly raises (max allowed under CBA), the contract would break down to:

$1.48M $1.60M $1.73M.

Including Quinn on the rookie min (I still don't know what payscale his 3 years and 42 games counts as), puts the total Dubs 22/23 15-man roster at $189,177,112, which necessitates a $129,278,094 luxury tax payment for a total(including two 2-way spots) at: $320,490,768. I think it'll still be the highest in the league, with the Nets trailing by ~$7M in actual payroll.

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Jul 29, 2022Β·edited Jul 29, 2022

>>>Yes, I know these position titles mean less and less, but this is for convenience.

Especially with this team, that has a lot so much positional flexibility! This isn’t much of a depth chart, but my stab at trying to list them by position:

PG - Curry

PG/SG - Poole, DDV, Rollins

Wing - Klay, Moody, QW, LQ

Wing/PF - Wiggins, Kuminga


PF/C - Draymond, JMG, PBJ

C - Looney, Wiseman

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Is Moody really a SF? He's always a shooting guard in my head

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Would have thought they'd want a bit of court time somewhere but ... OK... hope it works out, fingers crossed.

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Am I the only one wondering what the plan is with acquiring all of these high-ceiling, very young players? Can they really keep them all, or are they already making contingency plans for guys who either never reach their potential or who do and leave? Where are the guys who know they'll be role players and have accepted their roles? Are they collecting assets for (near-future?) trades?

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Love the Ellis comparison but with a 6'10" wingspan instead of not even 6'3" for Ellis. Plus a willingness to defend.

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Almost traded up to number 30 for Rollins? That’s wild! Hope that bodes well.

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