Grant Liffmann of "Warriors Outsiders" joins LGW Vidcast to talk draft strategy and Andrew Wiggins


LetsGoWarriors welcomed another legend to our community as NBC Sports host Grant Liffmann joined the LGW vidcast.

Grant is a staple of Bay Area sports coverage and a Dub Nation favorite from his work on “Warriors Outsiders”, the show he co-hosts with Drew Shiller after Golden State games.

Duby Dub Dubs and myself were blessed to chat with Grant last Wednesday and pick his brain on a few pressing NBA topics. Here are the timestamps:

  • 1:31 Which of Clippers/Rockets eliminations amused Grant most?

  • 5:14 Who does Grant like to win the NBA Playoff Bubble?

  • 10:12 Grant breaks down the Warriors most likely draft move

  • 13:01 Grant exhorts Warriors fans to have faith in Andrew Wiggins

  • 19:10 Discussing Jokic vs Lakers Bigs

  • 25:08 Quick-Fire questions lightning round

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