Get to know Kelly Oubre (live, today as well!)

Don’t really have a ton of time (as usual) so here will be some core dumps as we used to do back on GSOM. First, Discord guru Gabe Johnson and I first gave our thoughts (tap the YouTube thumbnail above) on Kelly Oubre and Gabe concluded that Steve Kerr would need to tweak his system a little, because we just couldn’t envision Oubre running the same routes as Klay Thompson, or Andrew Wiggins for that matter. I’m sure this will get dissected more as we go, feel free to start the commenting below.

Then, Connor Letourneau recommended some background profiles of Oubre, a former Wahsgton Wizards player, as written by Wizards beatwriter Candace Buckner (I’ve met her before, she’s awesome!).

Those are paywalled, but I got access to them and will do a video report on YouTube soon. You can kind of get the gist of each from the URLs above.

Our Discord user Lori, who is very resourceful, also found out where Oubre got his nickname “Tusnami Papi”:

Another Discord user “Young Swag Gucci” found the video of Oubre head-bobbing (?) — it wasn’t technically a head-butt as that implies head-to-head contact. I’m unable to figure out how to upload the clip to Substack but we’ll have it later for sure, I promise.

So obviously Oubre is a “fiery” guy. There was that altercation with Klay, although I’d stop short of NBC Thirst Bay Area’s clickbait of “punch”:

My take? I used to play a lot of pickup basketball. Oubre is a fiery guy and this just happens a lot with fiery guys.

Speaking of which, how will he mesh with Draymond Green? He answered that in today’s article written by David Aldridge, longtime Wizards beatwriter currently a feature writer with TheAthletic:

Anthony Slater also added some basketball takes:

Warriors film room: What does Kelly Oubre Jr. provide on the wing?" "That’s what he’ll bring most to the Warriors — a flanking wing with great footspeed, cardio endurance, a commitment to run, a nose for the correct lane to fill, decent touch around the rim and enough springs and confidence to finish with a power dunk when required.

There’s more on 3PP and stuff but I won’t copy and paste any more as I’m all about giving credit where credit is due and, unlike most aggregators, I don’t want to take the shine away from Slater’s piece.

The details of the deal were announced by Warriors PR:

Officially what was traded for Oubre:

1) GSW’s own first round pick

2) GSW’s 2nd round pick as acquired from DEN

If the first pick above is 1-20, then it becomes:

1) GSW’s 2nd-Rd pick as originally acquired via MIN

And finally Jason Dumas of KRON got Oubre’s first interview in the Bay. The whole Q&A is either on Dumas’ Twitter or IG:

We’ll have the Oubre Zoom call on YouTube Live at 130PM and I’ll be taking notes on Discord, tweet a subset on Twitter and copy and paste all the notes later here below.