Gamethread: What does Kerr think about Wiggins' defensive versatility?

The Golden State Warriors enter tonight’s game against the Washington Wizards at 14-37 and coach Steve Kerr continues to talk about manufacturing fun in a difficult season — “manufacturing” is totally my word, not his good lord I know I’ve had to manufacture interest to watch any games for most of this season.

In between efforts to find job this season, Kerr is also exploring options that could help the team in the future. Before tonight’s game, Kerr discussed one wrinkle he experimented with against the Phoenix Suns: putting midseason acquisition Andrew Wiggins on point guard Ricky Rubio. Our on the scene reporter Poor Man’s Commish captured Kerr’s thoughts on that in the video below (starting at about the 3:17 mark).

Of course, it’s not like he was going to say Wiggins sucked guarding point guards if that was the case, but if you can imagine having that as an option in the future once Klay gets back … then it’s something to keep an eye on for the remainder of an otherwise dismal season…?

Let us know your thoughts on Wiggins’ defense or tonight’s game against the Wizards in the comments below!