Gamethread: Warriors visit Denver's altitude with another skeleton crew

As the NBA awaits the very soonish return of greatest point guard alive Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors are doing musical chairs with their 10-day contracts.

Tonight the Dubs will trot out another skeleton roster, but this time they’ll be put through an even deeper endurance test. They are on the road playing the Denver Nuggets in one of the hardest arenas to survive in the NBA. Forbes reported on the difficulties of playing in Denver:

“A recent study on randomness in North American sports using betting market odds data (read the full manuscript here and a blog post with a partial summary here)… found that the two NBA teams with the strongest home court advantages – and significantly so – were indeed those at the league’s two highest elevations: the Denver Nuggets, followed by the Utah Jazz.”

Can the Warriors steal a win tonight? Will Steph descend from the rafters like former WCW wrestler Sting? We’ll find out tonight!