Game Thread: Klay 60 on NBCSBA #StayAtHome Replay

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — First of all, hope everyone is hanging in there and doing #StayAtHome and #SocialDistancing as we get through the coronavirus pandemic. As for me, I’ve been out-of-pocket ever since skipping out on the Sixers and Clippers games — after heavily researching the virus and, back then, the threat of a pandemic — and I have a long-overdue DubNation Diary coming for the whole ordeal (🙋🏻‍♂️ my bad on the delays).

But tonight, everyone gets to take a two-hour escape back to December 5, 2016, when Klay Thompson erupted for 60 points in three quarters of play. NBC Thirst, I mean, Sports Bay Area 😁 (sorry, have you seen the headlines they tweet, though?!?!) will broadcast that epic game tonight at 8:00PM PDT. GAME THREAD BELOW!

I had trouble trying to dig up our livetweet that night, as Twitter advanced search can only barf up so much, but I did manage to find this little behind-the-scenes nugget from our good friends at Sports In The Bay aka Felicia Purcell. Enjoy the reminiscing and I might just add some clips from Golden State Warriors practice that happened the day after — they did come up in search results and should be fun to re-hash.