Post-game thread up, by the venerable Nate P.

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Hard disagree Mullin, Draymond is never gonna be a 38% 3pt shooter again....

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Looks like Lee walked away with the game ball - appropriately so.

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Wiggins Curry were terrible from three (and Oubre is always terrible from three) going 5-26... and we still win. Wow.

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Curry only starter to finish with a positive point differential, +7. In a way that shows how impactful he is.

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Final stats:


40.6% shooting (39/96 FGs)

13/38 three pointers

14/22 FTs

48 rebounds (13 off.)

20 assists

12 turnovers

8 steals

10 blocks


40.9% shooting (38/93 FGs)

13/46 three pointers

17/19 FTs

51 rebounds (12 off.)

30 assists

15 turnovers

2 steals

10 blocks

Points in paint:

Raptors: 48

Warriors: 42

Fastbreak points:

Raptors: 25

Warriors: 6

Points off turnovers:

Raptors: 21

Warriors: 12

Bench points:

Raptors: 23

Warriors: 46

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I think there are a lot of backup centers that Paschall can feast on, but Boucher seemed like a tough matchup. Then again, Boucher was in foul trouble a lot, wasn't paying attention to if that was Paschall's doing.

I don't know how the Raptors are 2-7, they have so many top defenders.

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Imagine if we had D Lee against Toronto in 2019 😢

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Oubre and Wiggins 1st team all defense

I'm surprised wiseman only played 17 min. Not sure how I feel about that

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There's no way Kerr is playing lineups purely to maximize the chance of winning the game, but I'm really curious what he's thinking and why Dlee isn't getting more run.

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Warriors win even more impressive given that statistically -- it was the worst shooting performance (2-for-16) of Steph Curry's career -- in a game where he got at least five shot attempts, according to @ESPNStatsInfo

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Seahawks lose, we win. Gotta say it was a good day.. and a half

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So anymore concerns on Wiggins? I think I am on Wiggin-stan 💯

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Yes we won... DLee clutch as always

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This is gonna improve our defensive efficiency. Although net rating gets worse

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So we are 6-4 with wins against the Blazers, Clippers and Raptors. I'll take it!

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