Game P3: GSW 113, SAC 105. The power of Stephen Curry's volume shooting

Find someone who looks at you like Kelly Oubre Jr. looks at a potential dunk

Hello, so the preseason ended on an intriguing note. It was tough to learn anything because of Draymond Green and James Wiseman missing, and with opponents repeatedly punishing GSW inside.

Here are the highlights and box score.

Stephen Curry showed us the power of volume shooting. His shooting was off in the first half, tossing up 3-13 shooting for 13 points.

We know it was a bad half for him, but… if he had simply repeated his performance in the second half, he would have scored 26 points on 26 shots. Not great, but that’s (a Harden-like) 26 points on sheer volume.

And in fact, Steph did warm up. At Q3.10.30, Steph could have fired up a 3, but instead he dribbled in for an easier free throw line jumper to get himself going. After that, the buckets came easier. Steph ended with 29 points on 23 shots and he was the engine of the push in Q3 that put the game — such as it was — away.

I don’t know if that felt like a lot of Steph shooting, but it was. His career shots per game average is 17.1! That was 23 shots in 3 quarters. His top season average is 20.2 FGA in 2015-16 MVP 2.0 season. Context: Harden averaged 24.5 FGA in the 2018-19 season. I think Steph will have to fire away more this year because of the lack of other great options.

And when he’s cold, he needs to keep shooting, because when he does, he will often be able to get himself into rhythm; when he doesn’t, his worst efficiency is still usually league average; when he’s worse than league average, his threat still makes space for everyone else, either through direct passing or through defensive breakdowns.

Live Game Notes

  • First play, Steph/Wiggs slip PNR on wing. 2 go to Wigg (interesting choice)

  • Wiggs and Oubre average out to exactly one normal amount of wanting to dunk

  • One secret thing I'm watching for is on defense Dubs are quietly switching Steph off people cutting to the basket. I haven't tried to figure out the pattern, but it's an interesting scheme

  • hmmm, GSW turned a fast break into about 6 passed-up semiopen 3s into a Wiggs pull-up midrange.

  • Chriss with a smooth floater. Wanamaker practicing playing offball I guess... I thought they would spam him in PNR

  • Paschall is playing with about 20% more hustle than everyone except Baze (who's at +10%)

  • Wiggins always takes a second to survey his environment after the catch. Shades of Barnes and DLo.

  • Hey, another option out of the HORNS at Q2.8:20. The small downscreened, but then Wiggs curls around from the left corner... ended in a nice alley oop. He was decisive on the Chriss PNR, but that ending might have been a set play... the first half of the play was definitely set.

  • Some of the interior scores look pretty bad for the D, getting bullied. But prob related to no Dray no Wiseman

  • There might be a little chemistry in the Wiggs-Chriss PNR. I don't remember it at all, but my memory is a bit defective for that time period...

  • Hey that was organized offense. Steph high PNR, roller Looney draws help, Steph kicks to Oubre lifting out of corner for smooth 3.

  • I don't mind the Steph shooting, but the D hasn't been as swarming as advertised. Have to think about whether it's something about the Kings attack or just a letdown of energy from Game 1.

  • HEY a good old fashioned Motion Weak PNR to start Q3. I thought they dumped that from the playbook. Also appreciate the effort by JTA to dunk over everyone (not even close)

  • I wasn’t sure Steph was going to play the 2nd half. But after the clunky shooting 1st half, I guess he wanted more reps. Hits I think 3 in a row.

  • Find someone who looks at you like Kelly Oubre looks at a potential dunk

  • It was wild... I think Chriss went up for a huge dunk putback, but the ball just hung in the air, so he hung in the air and I think eventually barely swiped it off the backboard

  • More defensive intensity, also more Kings leaving every gimme layup on the rim. Thus more running.

  • I’m guessing this is a good sign for Mulder. Anyone on the verge of being cut, they should play a bunch, both to look at them, and as a courtesy to give them a showcase

  • Kyle Guy is infused with the Dubs-killing power of JJ Barea and Will Barton

  • That was an impressive 3 from Haliburton. Steph did not respect the release speed

  • End of Q3 was the Klay Memorial fake slip PNR curl for Steph, but somehow the Kings blew up the PNR. Ended with a good find of Baze, just a bit late

  • Yooo It’s my irrational good feeling guy Nico up.

  • Nico rattles in a little floater... but next play I didn’t like how he let his man Guy cut through the paint to the weak corner unguarded.

  • I like Mulder’s long ball but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him finish a layup...

  • Damn, Luke why are you full court pressing in the preseason in garbage time? Let us run a couple of set plays, I thought you were still an Honorary Dub

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