Game 30. ORL 124, GSW 120. Dubs dig a hole, build a mountain, re-dig the hole, Steph almost pulls it out.

The 2020-21 Warriors: Close Enough To Be Exciting

Is the glass half-full? Or did the glass miss a bunch of layups and foul shooters? Did ORL get lucky when Terrance Ross hit a ridiculous three down the stretch, or did GSW get lucky when Stephen Curry hit two miraculous threes down the stretch? The answer is… yes.

In-Game Babbling

  • Steph gets caught guarding a big, tried fronting, lob over, he just is frantic enough to induce a travel

  • Our guy Juanito, harasses guy at arc, smoothly doubles Vooch, scrambles to recover to man.

  • Our Guy Juanito and Dwayne Bacon have a bit of a soap opera last game which I documented in Part 2 (unreleased). (Here imagine Juanito as large falling object, Bacon as My Cabbages Guy.) I wonder if they’ll get into it again.

  • Juan grabs the loose ball from Oubre steal, sweet no look dish back to KO on fast break for dunk.

  • Steph is seeking that contact so hard on drives this season... that pause on the drive to give the trail D a chance to run into him

  • Baze with the mandatory foul of 3PTer. haha joke’s on you, Ross had a foot on the line

  • Two Way Wiggs now at Center getting buttwhumped around the court by Vooch

  • They snuck Draymond back in. He’s playing like he weighs 350 pounds

  • The rare PNR where the D wants both players to shoot.

  • Our Guy Juanito with a 3 that hit every part of the basket as well as several cars in the parking lot, but it went down

  • Vooch has this odd line drive hook that defies physics and works.

  • Mulder is keeping us in it

  • ORL somehow dominant with the Iguodala strips.

  • Wiggins with the big dunk try... I like it, massive dunk attempts increase his mana by 50%

  • Oubre making a difference with sheer hustle

  • Wow, no respect from Wiggins for Vucevic defense. I like how Our Guy Juanito triggered that iso with the handoff

  • Gorgeous diagonal pass from Wiggs for an Oubre dunk

  • argh, I cried out in physical pain when Juanito missed the bunny from the Draymond tap rebound. Even Luke Skywalker missed some shots

  • I liked Kerr motto to not be mad about missed shots, but rather missed boxouts

  • Steph banged on that layup (no call) but had the hall of fame presence of mind to flex on the way down

  • High five for the alley oop

  • Sounds like a duo that would be constantly cooked on defense

  • I think if ORL stays hot from 3, they win. If they keep up the horrible turnovers, we win.

  • Hey I was more specific than “if ORL scores more points” geeez

  • There’s some weird anti-synergy between Wanamaker and Paschall. Like they both want to run the play. I made an E1P about it, but never quite wanted to release something negative like that.

  • Wiggins was a rock on D and T Ross just bounced off of him

  • Wanamaker baited MCW into that contested layup and immediately anticipated the brick

  • Evan “Never Google” Fournier is just torturing us

  • Looks like the high altitude is finally catching up with the Warriors. What?

  • Only my second time!! And this was a weird ending. The other one wasn’t weird. I’m 1-2

  • Game definitely on track for a random ending, but even more so a WEIRD random ending. I think Goofus wanted to track these bad forebodings of mine...

  • ORL is screening to get Dray off Vuc, then Vooch posts up hard

  • Still math possible

  • The random ending machine spun and... pointed to a picture of buttocks

  • Wow Random Ending Machine now points at picture of Steph taking a picture of buttocks out of the garbage


  • Okay, even Math has to give up at this point. That last 2 min was fun as hell though

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