Once again totally off topic, but since people seemed to like my whale footage from the other day, here was the highlight from our paddle boarding this morning; a spinner dolphin was swimming around us and made a couple close passes to say hello: https://youtu.be/a-0Ez8wxVgc

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Tough loss, but that it was expected makes it a little easier. And thank goodness Draymond's injury was (apparently?) nothing. I was thinking him going down like that was nearly the worst case scenario.

This was Steph's quietest game in a while; even with him hitting a lot more of his shots and being more aggressive, it wouldn't win us the game but it wouldn't at least been close. The refs really robbed him of that early charge on Harden though.

Credit to Harden, his passing is really what won the Nets the game. Those endless backdoor cuts don't result in infinity points unless his passes are on time and they really were. I don't mind watching this version of him, actually.

Might help that the refs were not bailing anyone out with soft fouls. It sucked for our drives but at least the Nets didn't shoot a million FTs, either.

Kyrie also had a pretty good stretch where he made a bunch of really tough shots to keep us at arm's length. KD was the least in rhythm of the Nets big three; we defended him really well, especially in the 1st Q, but he swished some classic shots on us later. With only this version of KD the Nets might have been beatable.

JTA still played like a beast; Paschall rediscovered a bit of his swagger; Wiggins' shot selection was worryingly bad again but he did make them and he defended Harden pretty well. The other starters looked "just OK" in offense and sloppy on defense, specifically against back cuts as mentioned. Same for Bazemore.

Mulder had a rough game, missed some shot opportunities and didn't get much done on either end. Wanamaker doubly so, dribbled it into trouble habitually and no stand-out defensive play. Can't deny he's looking like the weakest link in the second unit right now.

I think the team does a little lesson on defending back cuts in their next practice, and aside from that we forget this game happened and move on.

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Hey, this is for anyone who's interested in Baby Dubs in the bubble, or maybe just hankering for a little morale boost.

Pretty nice bounce back game yesterday for Santa Cruz:

It was a back and forth game down to the final minute. I think there were over 20 lead changes, and it was a high scoring game for the G League. The Westchester Knicks had a 2-0 record coming in, Baby Dubs 0-2.

When the starters are together it's Nico at PG, Lin at SG and Poole playing wing. Nico is handling on about 60% of the plays with Lin getting some time in that role. Poole is mostly in the corner and coming off screens, and seems like a very willing passer and extra-passer despite not getting as many touches.

The roster is a little weird. In general the Baby Dubs look kind of like a Division III college team going up against large NBA summer league teams. A lot of the team looks like miniatures out there. The centers are big, but Jordan Poole is the second biggest wing on the team. They've got three guys they play (sometimes all at once) who are Nico's size. Seems to be a trend the past three games that teams try to overwhelm them physically, offensive rebounds, etc. It seemed Nico got picked on way less defensively than the other small guys.

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Why the Kerr's offense founder against aggressive switching?

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An interesting fact.......Wiggins has only 12 double doubles in his whole career. He has none this season, so far. Oubre has 3 and also more in his career than Wiggins.

With Klay back next season, I want Oubre starting. He gives the Warriors something no one else does. Energy and rebounds. His shooting is starting to come around and see upside to his play. While Wiggins has a game, it is a very quiet one. First 6 minutes, 0pts 0-2ft, 0assists/reb. He seems to find himself later in games, but not enough to get his game to the next level. I see no upside. WYSISYG. If the Dubs think that this is enough, we'll have a repeat of this iteration + Klay. Yes, it will be better than this one, but will it be enough?

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Feb 14, 2021Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Probably been mentioned, but: does anyone else think the presence of DeAndre Jordan in this game might have helped us a lot? Would have given us an early target to exploit on basic P&Rs and potentially gotten Steph and the offense flowing early. His absence forced them into switch everything smallball look that totally flummoxed us early and allowed them to take control of the game.

Meanwhile, on O: his presence clogging up the paint (with Draymond guarding him and cleverly cheating off) might have slightly mitigated the endless parade of backcuts. Plus he would have been good for at least a couple of bricked FTs, which are in short supply from the rest of their team.

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Feb 14, 2021Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Does anyone think we should give Wanamakers minutes to Poole?

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I will say watching JTA win the jump against KD got me thinking, we can do this! That lasted a quarter or so...

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Ok, so as expected, big oof.

Warriors got beat by a better team, we knew that in order to have a chance against this caliber of roster, Dubs have to have lots going right - and it just wasn't the case.

My priority of concerns:

1) Dray going down on a non contact injury and grabbing at his knee like that was a major red flag. Was pretty shocked to see him come back out.

2) our franchise needs to start intentionally chasing shooters. Idk what our teams percentage was on open looks, but it seems silly that we spend so much energy looking for good shots, but can't put shooters on the court to take advantage.

3) Wanamaker looks so bad when his shot isnt falling. I really don't understand why Poole is in the G league. Let him or Baze have a go at backup PG

4) I think Oubre is starting to see where he can help. Tough situation here though because the better he plays, the harder it will be to retain him

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Better yet, wait till fans are allowed in the stadium, then pull this fake cast stunt, lol

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Ugh my comment was wiped cause my page refreshed as I was typing it so I'm just going to say the main points

1. Most annoying loss of the season

2. Oubre has been impressing me every game. Related, Wiggins and his 3 point shots are trending in opposite directions which would align with their careers.

3. Only positive is paschall may have gotten back on track. I miss looking at the positive of Wisemans development in these losses. I'm still holding out hope that he can be serviceable by playoff time

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Notable stats:


Brown: (+4)

18 points 8/12 FGs 2/3 FTs

7 rebounds (4 off.) 1 assist

Harden: (+28)

19 points 6/11 FGs 5/8 three pointers 2/2 FTs

8 rebounds 16 assists 5 turnovers 3 steals 1 block

Irving: (+22)

23 points 10/17 FGs 2/5 three pointers 1/1 FT

8 rebounds 16 assists 5 turnovers 3 steals 1 block

Durant: (+22)

20 points 8/19 FGs 1/6 three pointers 3/4 FTs

5 reounds 6 assists 4 turnovers 2 blocks

Harris: (+12)

15 points 5/9 FGs 3/6 three pointers 2/2 FTs

4 rebounds 2 steals 1 block

Jeff Green: (+10)

14 points 5/6 FGs 1/1 three pointer 3/3 FTs

6 rebounds (2 off.) 2 assists 1 steal


Curry: (-26)

27 points 10/17 FGs 2/9 three pointers 5/5 FTs

3 rebounds 5 assists 4 turnovers

Oubre: (-22)

17 points 6/15 FGs 1/5 three pointers 4/4 FTs

10 rebounds (3 off.) 2 assists 1 turnover 1 steal 1 lock

Paschall: (+7)

16 points 7/10 FGs 2/2 FTs

4 rebounds 2 turnovers

Bazemore: (+12)

11 points 4/6 FGs 2/2 three pointers 1/2 FTs

3 rebounds 1 turnover 1 steal 2 blocks

Wiggins: (-13)

17 points 7/15 FGs 1/6 three pointers 2/4 FTs

3 rebounds 2 assists 1 turnover 2 steals 2 blocks

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Final stats:


53.8% shooting (50/93 FGs)

16/39 three pointers

18/20 FTs

45 rebounds (8 off.)

35 assists

13 turnovers

9 steals

5 blocks


48.9% shooting (44/90 FGs)

9/34 three pointers

20/25 FTs

37 rebounds (5 off.)

25 assists

13 turnovers

6 steals

6 blocks

Points in paint:

Nets: 54

Warriors: 58

Fastbreak points:

Nets: 20

Warriors: 19

Points off turnovers:

Nets: 18

Warriors: 12

Bench points:

Nets: 39

Warriors: 42

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Added link to the Justinian Jessup game live on Twitch right now.

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