Free Agency Watch, Day 2: Otto Porter Jr signs for minimum. Update: Nemanja Bjelica signs for minimum also.

OPJ is a budding star... if he can stay healthy.

After a day of hearing nothing but free agency rejection — the Bazemore departure stung particularly, leaving us for less money, fewer years to play “for a championship” with the Mercenary Orc Army Lakers — GSW landed the guy a lot of people wanted to take a flyer on.

Otto Porter Jr, at his best, is a sweet shooting, big wing. At his worst, he’s persistently injured. But he turned down a lot more money elsewhere to be part of the Warriors.

And the reason why OPJ was so cheap:

And Slater rains on the parade:

From Perks’s series, GSW got an ideal target:

Ideal Target: Otto Porter Jr.

Porter would be a perfect addition for the Warriors as a big, 6’8 wing who has shot a career 40.2% from three. He would give them that ideal balance of size and shooting every team in the league covets. While defensively there’s some more to be desired with Porter, the Warriors just showed last season that they can turn subpar defenders who possess the right athletic tools, like Andrew Wiggins, into budding premier wing defenders, making it less of a concern for them. The biggest question will be whether or not Porter will be available for the Taxpayer MLE. Realistically his price range should be Non-Taxpayer MLE and above, but his extensive injury history (he’s only played 98 games in the last 3 seasons) might put off some teams.

So, amazingly, GSW *still* has the midlevel exception, so they can make a run at another decent free agent.

Free Agency Guide

Perks GSWReddit helpfully provided us an overview of Warriors free agency targets:

This is not a bad overview:

Updates From Day 2

Here are updates on some key GSW targets.

Still California Dreaming

  • Patty Mills. LAL and GSW bidding war. ***Update: to BRK for 2 yr MLE.

  • Andre Iguodala. In talks. Probably waiting to see how much Mid-level Exception GSW can offer.

  • Paul Millsap. Interest, for MLE.

  • Aron Baynes. ?

  • Omari Spellman. ?

  • Kelly Oubre Jr. ? With cap money drying up, chance of a sign-and-trade increases. Also the tiny chance of a return increases.

  • Lou Williams. ?

  • Georges Niang. Not returning to UTA. *** Update: to PHI.

  • Marquess Chriss. ?

  • Robin Lopez. ***Update: to ORL

  • Danny Green. Gah.

  • Nemanja Bjelica. ? *** Update: WAAAAAARRIORS

Looking Bad

  • Rudy Gay. Leaning LAL. *** Update: actually signed with UTA.

Off the Board

  • Wayne Ellington. 1 yr deal with LAL.

  • Nicolas Batum - returned to LAC for Non-Bird raise.

  • Trevor Ariza. 1 yr deal with LAL.

  • Dwight Howard. 1 yr deal with LAL.

  • Kent Bazemore. 1 yr deal with LAL. Betrayal. Took fewer years and $ for a bigger role.

  • Austin Rivers. Re-signed with DEN on 1 yr deal.

The Low-Key Biggest News