Forbes Sports analyst Patrick Murray on Warriors trade deadline options

Mind on their money, money on their mind

Hey folks, we’re back with another LGW Vidcast, this time discussing the trade deadline possibilities with Forbes Sports analyst Patrick Murray. That deadline is right around the corner on March 25th.

Our old friend Patrick called in from London to chat with Duby Dub Dubs and I to flesh out some of the tricky details around the Golden State Warriors potential paths to contention via roster moves. There’s a lottt of financial concerns for the franchise to weigh alongside their goals to rebuild the dynasty, but the Dubs have deep pockets and big dreams.


  • 02:18​ - Are the Warriors performing up to preseason expectations?

  • 07:11​ - Identifying current roster concerns

  • 15:11​ - Breaking down some decision paths the Dubs could use if trade hunting

  • 20:04​ - Examining how the exorbitant salary tax penalties could shape/restrict GSW’s front office moves

  • 27:37​ - Analyzing the Bradley Beal trade talk

  • 34:12​ - Wait do the Dubs HAVE to make a trade?

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