3D, do you consider another big man as a need for the Dubs? With all the talk about the big guy being obsolete, aren't we seeing a resurgence in high scoring, high rebounding big guys in the league? Embiid is one of them. Seems like a good thing to have and Looney and Wiseman are not that. I like the smartness and trickiness of Bjelica but he is not one of those big, feared guys. Maybe if he got more minutes and was told to be more of a rim protector he could serve as a paint presence but that would detract from his open court game. I, for one, am all for going after another big guy. I don't see much help from Wiseman this season and he will need a lengthy stretch of playing time to be anywhere near a high scoring high rebounding type player. At best, at least a couple years out if all goes well. Plus, we've got to adjust the Dubs to Klay's return and re-slotting Iggy when he comes back. Warriors have work to do and they are not going to change the way they play for Wiseman. I do like Kuminga but rawness will only get you a Sean Kemp-like career. Kuminga seems to have learned nothing yet. I can't see any improvement in his game. He may be one of those that are uncoachable and will always rely on his size and athleticism and the brute force of his game. His shooting is atrocious.

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I’m so hyped for this game it’s difficult to wait an hour! In other news, I broke my bank account for tickets to the Warriors v Bulls game in January. My only worry? Steph or Klay won’t play after the Bucks game the night before.

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I never took Ray for being a salty guy...I was only able to watch the first 30 seconds before I hit my daily recommended sodium intake. C'mon Ray. But I guess it's hard to blame a guy for being confident when he played a role named "Jesus".

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76ers stats:


18 in points scored (106.7)

21 in points in paint (43.8)

13 in fastbreak points (12.4)

10 in offensive efficiency!!

15 in shooting % (45.8%)

12 in three point % (35.4%)

16 in two point % (52.1%)

28 in off. rebound % (19.7%)

26 in def. rebound % (75.8%)

28 in total rebound % (48.0%)

12 in opponent blocks (4.8)

1 in opponent steals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (6.6)

22 in assists (22.5)

3 in turnovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12.6)


13 in points allowed (106.4)

17 in opponent points in paint (46.2)

28 in opponent fastbreak points (14.6)

18 in defensive efficiency

17 in opponent shooting % (45.1%)

20 in opponent three point % (35.6%)

9 in opponent two point % !!!! (51.0%)

3 in blocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (5.9)

11 in steals (8.0)

13 in opponent assists (23.4)

23 in opponent turnovers (13.5)

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I can totally understand a team not wanting to be the one which allows Steph to break the record, and especially understand the player not wanting to go down in history as the one who failed to guard Steph and allowed him to pop in multiple 3's to break the record.

Maybe fans wont care, but the players themselves will get ribbed in their barbershop (and in their bedroom) if Steph has a good game against them while setting the all time record. Especially, when it is a home game and he scores more than maybe 3-4 3's in the game.

I think they would even suit up Ben if they could just to have Step. score on him if they could get away with it. Then his headcase claim would have merit.

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I like how Steph is breaking the season down into thirds. He is my role model so I am going to evaluate my own performance that way, too.

In the first third -- I'm now realizing -- my Dub HQ posting game focused too much on pointless diatribes. I lost focus due to a shorter preseason with to an ongoing hangnail issue (still lingering). I confidently predicted in my head that -- although I was optimistic -- no doubt without Klay the Warriors would struggle and have a .500 record. First trimester grade: pass.

For the second trimester, I like the phrase that Klay is the elephant in the room and want to know what animal in the room that makes Wiseman. Rhino? Gazelle? Anteater? I'm hoping to resolve this upon his return. I'm also predicting -- mark my words, you heard it here first -- that at some point in the second trimester, Stephen Curry will break the ALL-TIME record for most threes in a career. I stand by that. You want to argue? Let's go. I guess I'm doing that thing where Stephen A. Loudmouth yells that Steph is "The greatest shooter that God ever created, a sniper, a marksman" -- and everyone with any basketball knowledge goes "Yeah, yeah, we not only know that, but you've said it a million times that exact way."

Third trimester: I'm working on planning the parade route.

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Going to be tough for Steph to break the record tonight especially with a competent team like Philly. I don't think any one wants to be on that end of the books so they'll probably sell out all the way to a point where they'd rather have Looney get wide open dunks than Steph shooting a 3. It'll work to our advantage. I think Steph hits 3-4 today, another 3 in IND and will break it at MSG like it was foretold.

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Let's not forget, Curry can still tie the record in one arena and break it in another. Highly unlikely, considering it would be a big THUD from an entertainment standpoint in both arenas. NO way Curry allows that to happen.

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The thing is Ray Allen has already lost the battle. Already and for the rest of time, even if Curry (GodForbid!!!) never hits another 3, the conversation will always include "except for Curry, blah blah blah." Ray Allen will never escape that. So put him out of his misery Steph, soonest.

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“Curry broke down the coming season into three parts: “the beginning of the year until Klay gets back,” followed by the period of reintegrating Klay, then he hopes a deep playoff run.”

Part 1: Went really well

Part 2 Will be really interesting

Part 3: The last time Steph, Dray and Klay lost a playoff series where they all played the whole series was May 3, 2014

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Curry hit 10 3’s and dropped 49 in Philly last April. Would be delicious to see a repeat tonight.

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And thanks for the Looney support. That dude is a soldier. Loon and Green have been holding down the Center rotation for 45 games, with a record like 36-9. How in the world could anyone criticize that?

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Watching the highlights of recent sixers games, it didn't look to me like Embiid was 100% but that doesn't make it a lot easier.

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Some have fretted over the fact that the rooks haven't gotten much playing time. Last year when Klay got hurt, Warriors had to burn their season plan and they never managed get another in place. This year, they have mapped out a plan which so far has worked to perfection. There has always been a plan for the rooks to get minutes and it's coming. They should all play a key role in keeping vets rested and injecting spirit into games during the dog days. I believe the plan is that Wise, JK & Mood, come playoff time, can all make a contribute at a Patrick McCaw level AT MINIMUM. Anything above that is icing on the cake. Of course, we all expect more, but all Kerr wants is to look down the bench and know he can call anyone's number and get a good 4-6 minute stint on the floor. So, fingers crossed, I'm hoping we start to see these real minutes materialize on the road trip.

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