Final Word: Did LeBron James Really Hate Steph Curry and Did Kevin Durant Ruin Cavs Basketball?

The Golden State Warriors are smack dab in the middle of a winless East coast road trip, another dreary chapter in what has been a ghastly story of a season. As rough as it can be for Dub Nation to watch the Bay’s team stack losses in this rehabilitation season, it has to be even more difficult for the players and coaches.

During these frustrating times, it’s important for the Warriors to stay centered and find something familiar in the chaos. Thankfully, Golden State is headed to Cleveland tonight, where they are quite used to celebrating victories.

Ah, what a great feud it was when the Warriors and Cavs met in four straight NBA Finals. The basketball itself was a magnificent chess battle, with legacies hanging in the balance, and two long suffering franchises on a collision course with championship destiny.

And the trolling! These two teams broke new ground for social media-era hoops disrespect.

As a Dub Nation member fighting off the clammy hands of depression, I decided to reminisce via my very first video podcast with my special guest Thomas “Dr. Tom” Bevilacqua.

He authored the book, “Golden Age: The Brilliance of the 2018 Champion Golden State Warriors” a riveting memento of the Dubs-Cavs rivalry. Together we discussed five major undertones that colored their physical and psychological clashes.

  1. Lebron’s beef with Steph

  2. “The Warriors got lucky” narrative going viral after the 2015 Cavs got injured

  3. Next level troll wars

  4. Kevin Durant joining the Warriors and ruining basketball in Cleveland forever

  5. The amazing clash of basketball styles that made this rivalry must see TV

    The original conversation we had was hours long and we just couldn’t get into all the fascinating minutiae surrounding this rivalry.

    If you have any memories/reflections/gloating left over from the classic feud, make sure to share them below!

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