Forgot to update CPR:

4 assists, 4 turnovers, new CPR of 5.3 (84:16)

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There's no way around it. Podz game was impressive for anyone, but just really special for a 20 YO guard. But it's on a few levels for me.

1) Skill based guards tend to struggle in the intro to the NBA vs more physically dominant guards. Generally takes them a while to sort out the speed of the game and how to see their spots vs an explosive guard like Ja or young D-Rose just going around people. So I think we can see that Podz is seeing the game really well, AND that his athleticism is translating really well. The latter was a big question based on his draft profile.

2) It's really really intriguing that Podz has been able to be effective in low usage/volume roles and then had no issues toggling up to being the primary scorer for a night. That's really rare and it's a great sign.

We'll see how it goes if/when he gets some more defensive attention, but even just being considered a dangerous confident 3 point shooter who plays a solid floor game is a huge add to any lineup right now.

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Kerr's postgame interview intrigued me, especially his final statement. Usually he is so diplomatic and non-committal. He unapologetically praised Brandin, so BP's confidence shouldn't need boosting. Somebody probably posted this elsewhere, but I transcribed some interesting bits here.

When asked a question about Saric in the starting lineup, Kerr said:

[@5:00] ... if we're struggling to score, then Dario does change the chess board with his pick and pop and his ability to stretch the floor. So, everything's a possibility at this point. I like this team a lot (referring to the starting lineup of the last two seasons)... the character, the guts, the grit. But there's a lot of moving parts right now, and so nothing is set in stone and we, we're going to have to sort through it here in the early part of the season.

When asked whether Podz could be a backup point guard, Kerr replied:

I think he can play backup point guard, but I think he's just a basketball player so we can play him anywhere. I think the beauty of him is, the game connects when he's out there. I'm excited to play him with Steph and with Klay. He's going to get those guys a lot of shots with the way he plays and the way the ball moves. We'll see...

[@6:11] Monte Poole asked:

You mentioned grit. Is that something that this team has to bring to compete on a nightly basis, and have you seen it any more than you have tonight?

[@6:20] Kerr: "In order to win in the NBA, you have to have talent, but you have to have energy. You have to bring something to the table life-wise, like joy-wise, energy-wise, competitive-wise, and that's what I watched tonight from the whole group, and clearly Brandin has that, that's pretty obvious. You know, um, our fans have watched this team win four championships, and they weren't won by a bunch of pouters and wallflowers. They were won by gamers, competitors. Guys who brought energy and joy and passion to everything. And that's what it takes, that's what I'm looking for."

I think Monte was asking for examples of gritty lineups, but he got a clear list of qualities (intangibles?) Steve is looking for, and what he is NOT looking for.


* I think Podz will be thrilled to play with Steph! But I anticipate gripes about small ball and

"need a big." Hope I am wrong.

* Kerr has pointed out he can't play everyone. With Podz having an increased role, and Gui on a full

contract, are the 2-ways going to have a reduced role? Could their be some friction if Podz

"jumps the line"?

* Are this season's draftees game changers? Could the Warriors' draft policy change to favor 4 year

grads and college champions over raw talent?

* Can't help but wonder about the "pouters and wallflowers" - I'm mystified. Off the top of my head,

the only potentially negative characterizations I can recall him making.

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I don't think Podz has any problem with his confidence. His # 1 problem is Kerr which I'm sure he doesn't give any energy to. He just likes to play. Kerr just has to figure out who he is going to put around Podz. Can he play with Kuminga? Not sure that is optimal. Moody, I think yes, Paul/Saric/TJD/GP2.

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I'm really curious as to NBA league reactions from current players who aren't on the Dubs/Wolves.

PatBev, DDV quotes def. seem pro-Dray. Anyone seen any others?

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@EA: Did you just make that Explain Classic? Or is it repackaged from another video you did a few years back?

It was such a beautiful trip down memory lane... Thank you for that.

And also, the Dray quote at the end? Umm... the video was posted 8 days ago. Fucking Magician.

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If you've been away for a while: "Welcome back to the Draymond Green Show..."

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Answer this. You’re going out. Place you don’t know. A little sketch. Who do you want along? Draymond or Golbert?

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Btw I loved watching Podz last night, and his play was consistent with his other very brief time on court this season. But still - small sample size mania - it was one excellent game. I’m not ready to crown him as Steph v2 yet.

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Maybe there is no easy solution, but the wide range of penalties for altercations seems so random. One example: Beverely push on CP a year or two ago, honestly still is one of the most unsportsmanlike things I've seen on a bball court. Worse than the non-fan portion of the Malice for sure, where you just have some guys brawling but no real danger outside the average hockey fight. It was premeditated, against a defenseless person, and had a pretty high probability of causing a serious injury compared to just punching a dude. Think it was a 1 game suspension? While I think Draymond does things he shouldn't, and a 5 game suspension seems reasonable for what he did, I also think he's never done something as bad as that Beverely push, which was barely penalized.

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Kings beat the Lakers 125-110. Kings move to 6-4, while the Lakers fall to 6-6 and lose their game at home. Lakers were playing on a 2nd night of a B2B after routing the Grizzlies last night.

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Haven't seen it much here, but there's a bunch of folks out there who want Poole back -- another terrible game for him - 16 points on 17 shots, 3 assists, 5 turnovers, -10. Guy is -141 in 11 games.

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Wish David West wasn't so damn old. We could have used him for a few more years on and off the court.

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What in the sam hill. Gotta be better, Dubs. Brandin is impressive.

Gobert said he meditates. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to feel and do better. Not a Gobert fan, though, and I do agree he got away with something.

Dray is a junkyard dawg with a bone. Are any of the old timers defending him? At all?

One thing's for certain. Klay is HOT af in a ripped or no jersey. ;)


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More on the financial implications for Draymond Green and Golden State:

Green Fine: $769,705

Golden St. savings: $2,597,762

The Warriors receive a tax variance credit that is 50% of the total Green fine.

The variance is applied to team salary that counts toward the tax.


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