I’m excited for this lakers game. JK has got to prove he can keep scoring against AD and LBJ. Prove that the old guys can’t keep up with you, JK!

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Betting line has moved to Dubs by 2.5… is that from the “Kerr starting best players instead of other guys” or is LeBron out?

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Slater on threads:

There’s a notable starting lineup change for the Warriors tonight vs Lakers, I’m told. Draymond Green is back in at center next to a Kuminga/Wiggins wing combo. Profiles as their best two-way unit.

Steph Curry

Klay Thompson

Andrew Wiggins

Jonathan Kuminga

Draymond Green



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Sea Dubs at 5..

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Is this the game thread?

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Chris Haynes 1-on-1 18 min interview with JK.


Just started listening, but he starts with the hilarious lol - I’m just not used to having the ball in my hands so much and everyone trusting me so much.

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DFLATT Collectibles


Joel Embiid (Good Team) out tonight vs. Nuggets

5:39 PM · Jan 27, 2024


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JK’s development as a player is exciting to watch. As good as he is becoming, Curry’s gravity has really been beneficial to JK. Having one or more defenders always stuck on Curry leaves JK with more opportunity for open looks. Curry’s production and/or efficiency may have dropped this season but it must be exhausting running around and setting screens for your teammates. I mean, do you see any superstar player doing that?

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Yes, running actions is a good thing for a team. But Kuminga isn’t nuts to think just give me the ball. It’s not that he emulates Kobe and that’s his error. It’s actually the case that it’s almost impossible to defend him one on one. Maybe Giannis or Kawhi could do it. Everyone else is in trouble. Name one dude on Sacto who stood a chance, including Sabonehead. If you’re small Kuminga is too big. If you’re slow he’s too fast. If you have stopped one of his moves, he has many more.

Of course he doesn’t always perform perfectly but he jsut has built in advantages and skills and at a certain point it’s silly to pretend he doesn’t.

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Alc is 100% on point here: https://youtu.be/Gqj6wTLub6o?si=28qfPXdooYLN_4Vy

Kerr cannot start Dario and Looney.

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@EA Was that a purposeful video cut at 3:06 in the YT vid? We don’t get to see JK smoking bbq Kevin.

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Anybody hearing if LeBron/AD will/wont play? I’m assuming they will, but you never know

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At the risk of getting hammered:

I'm not in love with Kuminga's fadeaway. It seems like he's making that his go-to shot.

He's making it at a high rate, so it's probably stupid to be kvetching about it, but I think minimizes his greatest asset (his physicality).

I want to see him go AT people, for two reasons: 1. if the fadeaway becomes his bread and butter shot, he becomes easier to defend. I can see teams single covering him, living with that shot, and hoping it doesn't fall.

2. He's in better position to rebound the ball if he's not eight feet away falling away from the hoop.

Yes, he will miss some shots if he's trying to go through people.

But, like the way Klay's shots still keep the defense honest even when they're not falling, Kuminga going aggressively at the rim is going to pin a second defender down there to help. That will open up some options to pass to a shooter.

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Such innovation by Kerr.

Screen sharks are the latest addition to the ocean offense.

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"The last two games, Kuminga and Wiggins are plus-22 in 28 minutes together. Since Green has returned, the quartet of Kuminga, Wiggins, Green and Curry are plus-30 in 32 minutes together."

Small sample size but interesting nonetheless.

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Q: in a text forum like this, the pronunciation of common abbreviations like “Podz” may not be that important, but are we going with Eric’s choice of “Podge”? I always think of it as “Pods” — but I get why “Podge” is a more faithful shortening of “Pajemskee”…

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