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LMAO...loved your analysis, Eric, particularly the bench synchronized reaction last part....

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Remarkable pitch height in the fan screams for the post-game interview to PBJ, indicating a peak preference for the kid in the crazy-teenage-girls entourage. Has anyone else noticed? IMHO he's going all Dubs' Justin Timberlake.

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Regarding general prononciation difficulty with DDV name (I know Italian language can be a PITA, it is so for us as well, I assure you), the 'z' in the end sounds like the 'ts' in 'what's up', rather than the 'z' in 'zoo'. If you keep open the 'o' in Donte, just like the 'ou' in 'rough', you're about as perfect. Che meraviglia!

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I just read in the Chron that PBJ and Rollins went back to SC for the next couple of games. So I guess we won't see them vs the Blazers. There was no mention of Wiseman so I assume he'll play here.

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Hope he gets better. It might have been against the knicks, but he recently had his best game as a warrior. I was hoping he turned a page.

Either way, it doesn't matter. Get better JMG!

Also, dilly, I type this with a cat in my lap. I was gone for a few days. it appears I owe her this for abandoning her 🤣

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Ja Morant scored only 19 points on 9/19 FGs, but he had a career-high 17 assists against the Raptors tonight. Raptors should've known that Ja who is looking to pass is more dangerous than Ja looking to score.

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Draymond Green’s defensive takeover lifts Warriors past Jazz | Hoops Tonight: https://youtu.be/GYNf8El1W4g

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Clippers at full strength are scary. They're giving the Celtics a run for their money.

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Playoff roster question? I'm taking Ty over Lamb. There isn't anyone else on the roster that can do what he does, in case you are going to go to Rollins, and he seems to be the guy buried deepest on the bench, just under Andre's cryo-chamber. I think Lamb can be replicated in various ways with JK & Moody, even PBJ or JMG. Lamb's rise to fame has more to do with Kerr's unwillingness to dish out minutes to the young guys after falling down coming out of the gate. If there are any injuries to Curry-Poole-DDV, we are seriously F'ed in the ball handling department. If we are just filling the 15th spot, I think this is an easy call.

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I'm still shocked as to how the Warriors gave up only 13 points in the 4th quarter to the Jazz. They gave up 27 points in the 4th quarter to the Hornets who are #30 in offensive efficiency, but they only gave up 13 points in the 4th quarter to the Jazz who are #5 in offensive efficiency.

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I was going to respond to the playoff roster question re: Lamb and Ty below, but then realized I had just sidestepped the question and written a different post altogether. So here's the post.


7 roster questions that need answering before the trade deadline of Feb 9th.


With the recent development of the second timeline, Bob needs to see what the team looks like once Steph and Wiggs are healthy and playing. My suspicion is that he will definitely move Lamb to the 15th spot once his 50 games are up, and then sit tight until Feb 9. As for buyouts and trades, here are the questions that need to be answered before the trade deadline on Feb 9 so that Bob can figure out his next steps:

(1) Do the Dubs need a 4th ball handler for the playoffs once Curry, DDV, and Poole are healthy?

If not, there is little to no need to sign Ty to the playoff roster. Last season they survived with Curry, Poole, Andre, and Chiozza. DDV is taking up GP2's slot, but he's acting like 3rd string PG(Andre's role when he was healthy early in the year and Cheese's role later in the year). Will Kerr need a 4th string PG in the playoffs? He didn't use Cheese in the playoffs last year. Also, what's up with Andre? (see question 6). It's doubtful Kerr will want a 4th string ballhandler this year, but if injuries linger, he may want one.

(2) Once everyone is healthy, does JMG even have a place on this team anymore? Is he a better backup 5 than Wiseman?

He certainly has the potential to be more of an outside threat, but he hasn't shown it so far this season (.265 from 3P). He has more experience and savvy than James, but he also makes plenty of boneheaded mistakes and causes miscommunications. There's good reason to believe that by the time JMG is back, JW is a strong enough backup that JMG is superfluous. If so, Bob may scan the buyout market for additional muscle or shooting down the stretch and release/trade JMG, but maybe it would just be Ty's spot if they need a fourth ballhandler.

(3a) Is any shooter they can get via buyout or trade better than PBJ or MM?

From a pure shooting perspective, maybe not. From an experience perspective, obviously, yes. What about BBIQ? Once Wiggs and Steph are healthy, is there even enough room for another shooter on this team? Would that shooter take Moody's role? And if so, would he be an upgrade over MM? Is PBJ an upgrade over MM (doubtful)?

(3b) Here's another take on the above question: Is PBJ among the best 5 shooters on the team?

PBJ is shooting 45% this year and Moody is shooting 40% this year. If Kerr needs to make a lineup of 5 3pt shooters to tie or win a game, who would they be? Steph/Klay/Wiggs/Poole, and ?? Moody would be my guess, leaving PBJ on the bench. Most likely PBJ is their 6th best shooter, and will continue to earn spot minutes in games down the stretch, especially on back to backs. But once rotations tighten for the playoffs, he will be glued to the bench.

(4) Are their defensive woes (Esp. on the road) solved once Wiggs is healthy? Does the emergence of JK as a defensive POA stopper in tandem with Wiggs fix their problems? Can they get enough from the backup 5 spot defensively from JW or even JMG?

It's certainly starting to feel like JK is taking on GP2's role as POA stopper. It definitely feels like this is what Kerr and Bob want from him this season, and Dray and the vets, as well. He has been embracing this role and excelling, and it feels like he could end up having the same type of playoff presence as GP2 and his amazing +/-. As for the 5, it's a trickier business, as both JW and JMG have been inconsistent, to put it lightly. With Dray and Loon the Dubs have two amazing defensive bigs, and the question is can one of JW or JMG be adequate enough for the playoffs. Basically, can they do an imitation of Otto/Bjeli's defense this year? If not, this may be the biggest remaining need on a healthy Warriors' team. A defensive minded big that can rotate out to contest 3's as well as protect the paint. JK can pick up the slack here at least a little bit, as well, since he has the size to defend all but the biggest of wings and centers (Giannis and bigger). But the truth is Bjeli was a defensive liability in last years' playoffs. The rest of the team overcame that weakness to dominate, regardless. That's all they need from JW or JMG. Otto was probably average at defense, and I think JMG's inability to be that has definitely cost the Warriors so far this season.

(5) Will there be any significant injuries before the trade deadline?

Obviously any significant injury to the top 8 players in the rotation that would take that player out of the playoffs would create a significant hole in the rotation. Would Bob even be able to find anything on the trade/buyout to help shore up the team?

(6) Will Andre ever play again? And if he does, will he play well?

The Andre the Dubs had at the beginning of last season was amazing and would be a great asset come playoff time, but Andre was gone for most of the rest of the season and barely moved the needle in the playoffs. So if he can play well, and he's playoff ready, those are minutes that won't be needed elsewhere. He becomes your 4th ballhandler and shores up your defense at the same time. But if not, then he's just Udonis Haslem by any other name.

(7) What will Kerr's playoff rotation look like?

I think we've settled on a top 8 that includes JP, DDV, and JK. Who holds spots 9-12? Steve traditionally doesn't use those spots much, but will still give random spot minutes to those guys (Anderson Varejao, anyone?). As of right now, 9-12 is looking like Lamb, MM, JW, and JMG, leaving the two rooks and Andre as DNP candidates.

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So .. the roster. Jerome and Lamb are rapidly using up the available games on their two-way deals; and neither is currently eligible for the playoff roster. Which of the following courses of action do people prefer?

1. Status quo — keep ‘em both on two-ways (limiting their reg season availability, and precluding their playoff availability). Use the 15th roster spot to sign another vet.

2. Use the 15th spot to guarantee Jerome, otherwise status quo.

3. Use the 15th spot to guarantee Lamb, otherwise status quo.

4. Sign both, clear a spot by somehow getting rid of Andre.

5. Sign both, clear a spot by somehow getting rid of JMG.

6. Sign both, clear a spot by somehow getting rid of Rollins.

7. Sign both, clear a spot by somehow getting rid of PBJ.

8. Sign both, clear a spot by somehow getting rid of Wiseman.

9. Other (please specify)

I’m leaning #6 right now (with maybe a side helping of #8 if a great deal presents itself) but am curious to hear what others propose.

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PBJ is fascinating. Consensus top-5-or-10 player in the country, could have gone anywhere he wanted. Expected to easily be a lottery pick. Becomes damaged goods within one year at age 19 while injured, playing for his father’s job at a mid-major, with teammates who are charitably described as non-prospects. What a perfect pick… this is exactly who GSW needs to target at the bottom of the 1st.

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Obj is interesting because he’s so slow let’s say in a couple years when he develops and can play in the playoffs, what position would be best for him? Probably as a stretch 4 guarding smaller bigs? I think kuminga pbj green has a lot of potential if Patrick can become a better rebounder and positional defender like looney

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Amazing to see a lineup of PBJ, Lamb, Wiseman, Jerome, and Moody out there together keeping the Dubs in the game in the late 3rd quarter. Very encouraging for the future.

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Rick Celebrini is looking like Danny Ocean the way he pulled off the PBJ heist

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