Celtics are up 13 over Memphis and have apparently unlocked the key to beating the Grizzlies; have them sit their entire starting lineup.

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I like the idea of the play-in, but I think if you should be disqualified if you have a losing record. So this year, as an example there wouldn’t be a Western play-in because #9 and #10 having losing records.

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I simply cannot believe this is the last game!

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The Rockets have clinched the worst record in the NBA for the second straight season. The Process Houston edition is well under way!

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-Cavaliers beat the Bucks

-Hawks beat the Rockets

-Nets beat the Pacers

-Hornets beat the Wizards

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One more statistical reminder of Stephen Curry's greatness. As Sleepy Freud just pointed out, Curry officially won his seventh three-point crown today. No other player in NBA history has more than three (Allen, Harden).

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Apr 10, 2022·edited Apr 10, 2022

Breaking news: Steph Curry officially won the 2021-22 three-point crown today, as Buddy Hield failed to hit 28 threes in the Pacers/Nets game.

Steph’s 285 made threes is the 9th highest total in NBA history. He now holds six of the 10 top seasons, with Harden (x 2), Paul George, and Buddy Hield holding the other four spots.

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What are the similarities between our first round potential matchups? I think it's:

-Both the Jazz and the Nuggets have 7-foot centers who can rebound and can score inside at will.

-Both have better rebounding and two-point percentage shots than the Warriors. Again, that is due to them having size advantage over the Warriors.

-Both of them have arenas that are high above in the mountains and are in the Mountain Time Zone.

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Apr 10, 2022Liked by Eric Apricot

Kuminga got called for a rookie foul... on a flailing bail out shot by... an even younger 19 year old rookie.

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Pelicans stats:


21 in points scored (109.3)

11 in points in paint (48.4)

6 in fastbreak points!!!!!!!!!! (14.1)

20 in offensive efficiency

21 in shooting % (45.7%)

27 in three point % (33.2%)

20 in two point % (52.9%)

3 in off. rebound % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (26.8%)

6 in def. rebound % !!!!!!!!! (78.2%)

3 in total rebound % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (51.8%)

18 in opponent blocks (4.8)

12 in opponent steals (7.4)

13 in assists (25.0)

18 in turnovers (14.1)


14 in points allowed (110.1)

9 in opponent points in paint!!!! (45.4)

4 in opponent fastbreak points!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (11.3)

17 in defensive efficiency

21 in opponent shooting % (46.9%)

23 in opponent three point % (36.3%)

24 in opponent two point % (54.5%)

26 in blocks (4.0)

7 in steals!!!!!!!! (8.3)

14 in opponent assists (24.8)

9 in opponent turnovers!!!! (14.2)

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It is a wrisky move wresting a twristed Wristy from a wrist. Then try I sell seashells….

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By the way, for anyone who thinks our front office sucks…


Basketball Hell': Former Sacramento Kings basketball operations insider reveals how Vivek Ranadive created 'toxic' conditions while turning team into NBA's biggest losers.

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Pelicans Twitter:


Six players out for the final game of the regular season:

-Devonte’ Graham (right knee soreness)

-Brandon Ingram (right hamstring tightness)

-Herbert Jones (right tibia contusion)

-Jonas Valanciunas (right ankle soreness)

-Kira Lewis (right knee ACL/MCL sprain)

-Zion Williamson (right foot fracture)

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Apr 10, 2022·edited Apr 10, 2022

Before yesterday’s games, someone shared a post saying that the Warriors had like a 75% chance of falling to #4.

A day later, there are four possible outcomes for the Warriors and Mavs:

1. Warriors win, Mavs lose - Warriors finish #3

2. Warriors win, Mavs win - Warriors finish #3

3. Warriors lose, Mavs lose - Warriors finish #3

4. Warriors lose, Mavs win - Mavs finish #3

Seems like these odds have flipped and the Warriors now probably have a 70-75% chance of finishing #3

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Apr 10, 2022Liked by Eric Apricot

Great breakdown. I hope Kerr is paying as close attention to everything Kuminga is doing right as this breakdown is. I went on a mini (OK not that mini ) rant in yesterday's thread about Kuminga's value, and how frustrating it is to see Kerr limit his minutes so drastically. In mid season he was earning more and more minutes, and then it fell off a cliff. Yesterday he wasn't allowed to play in the 1st or 3rd quarters because -- well, I don't know why. Now, I respect the view that as a rookie Kuminga makes mistakes and has weaknesses in his game. Totally agree. But ALL players have weaknesses, rookie or not. Iguodala is getting more minutes and is a poor outside shot. Damion Lee is getting more minutes and let's see him pull a Kuminga and get a massive offensive rebound and dunk it on everyone. Looney can't shoot dribble or even run at NBA levels, but Kerr has found a way to optimize his strengths and minimize his weaknesses. That's good coaching. That's all I'm saying about Kuminga. Does he foul too much? Yes. Coach him not to. (And I know that they are trying.) But as the breakdown shows, he is doing a great deal right, and with *amazing* energy. His switching on EVERYONE on defense was an absolute nightmare for the Spurs, and he has the athleticism and energy to do a lot more of that. Draymond is so much wiser a defender, but even Draymond can't get from point A to point B like that. And the errors Kuminga makes are not horrid Javale McGee idiocies. He gets a lot of bullshit calls from refs, and he is sometimes confused on offense and in the wrong spot on defense. Fair. But also: on offense, the Warriors rarely do anything to help Kuminga out. He's a last option. Time running out on the clock? As the breakdown shows, that's the moment when Draymond dumps it to Kuminga, who has to force something. Can someone set a screen for this guy earlier in the clock? Let him get switched onto a smaller player. Let him get a first step to the basket. He will posterize the league. Right now it's like watching Giannis stand in the corner while Holiday and Middleton run a two man game, which is fine, but HEY THAT'S GIANNIS comes to mind. We drafted Kuminga with a high pick, we've given him decent rookie minutes, we're developing him, and then I don't know what to make of Kerr's postgame. It was like "Jonathan is very good, we see that, he's earned minutes in the playoffs, so .... he'll probably come in in spots after the first and second teams." That's just not the move, bro. You're saying he's your eleventh guy. I see him as our seventh guy. Today. Not five years from now when he has learned every nuance and never commits stupid fouls. Sure that would be better, but you take what you can get, and he is offering so much more than is being taken. Rant (temporarily) over.

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